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  1. Every time along this whole journey that we got status updates, it was after business hours. I think the system must just take some time to update??
  2. Our EAD status updated on Monday to card is being produced. Late yesterday it changed to Case was approved - same for the AP! We did expedite the EAD but were flat out denied without them asking for any evidence. The day we received the denial, we visited our Congressmen's office and they sent a letter and our evidence on our behalf to expedite. That was a month ago and no response. The congress office did keep in touch that they had not heard anything either so we just resolved that we were denied. Then BAM, we get a text notification on Monday. Not sure exactly what happened, but we are thankful and praising God for the answered prayers! Good luck to everyone and don't give up!
  3. Same here... dates are a little different but nothing since fingerprint review either. Best of luck!
  4. Anyone in the group that filed at the end of June with an NOA in July? Any action on your case to date?
  5. My husband would 100% agree with your statements. He has always worked and provided for himself, and for a long time for me and our son. Being down to one income... he's at his wits end and just wants to contribute to society! He was taking our son for long walks but it is too hot in Texas right now to have the baby out. I will say that our house is always clean and dinner is cooked when I get home from work - which I appreciate so much! I may be sad when he is able to work 😂 Spoiled rotten!
  6. Best of luck to you all who are applying and interviewing for jobs! My husband was going through the same thing and was so discouraged, but once the interview requests started coming it, they kept coming in! Keep your heads up and press on, the perfect job is waiting for you and will turn up at just the right time! Update 2 on our EAD expedite request - just went to our local congressman's office and sat with the constituent representative while she wrote and sent a letter on our behalf. Also reached out to the Ombudsman and State Senator requesting letters on our behalf to expedite EAD. We're going to keep working all angles d*mn it!
  7. We said severe financial hardship - and he does an offer letter on company letterhead with a required start date. Update: My husband called and spoke to a Tier 2 Supervisor (after 30 minutes on hold and another hour wait for them to call back... but they did call and were very nice). The supervisor indicated that there was little information on his request so they flat out denied it. He explained our financial hardship to the supervisor and mentioned that he does have a job offer, offer letter and invoices/information on our financial situation (evidence!!). So the Supervisor said he was going to put our request back in the funnel?? And we should hear back on or before September 10. Praying for a good outcome, we really need my husband to start working! I will keep you posted.
  8. Confused and upset!! This is what USCIS sent us this morning. Nowhere on the email does it say where or how we send our proof!! Did anyone else get a reply like this??? The status of this service request is: Due to the high volume of expedite requests for this case type, we are strictly enforcing the criteria that has been set for these expedite requests. While your situation appears serious, you have not provided evidence of an extreme emergent need.
  9. Hey June team! For those of you who requested an expedite on your EAD - how long did it take to receive your request for info email from USCIS after you called them to make the initial request? My husband was offered a job!! he called to request expedite on Wednesday. They said up to 5 days - just curious how long you all had to wait. Thanks!
  10. Check not cashed yet! Today is 3 weeks since it was delivered/signed for. Sorry to hear you are in the same boat!
  11. I assume I cannot call USCIS and ask about our case number? No NOA1 or check cashed yet. It will be three weeks tomorrow.
  12. Can you tell me when your AOS packet was received by USCIS? Just trying to compare timelines since we are both in Texas. Thanks!
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