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  1. The tax returns and accompanying 1099s (which show i’m not just making up income LOL ) it clearly shows my income is more than enough which is why I suspect it’s from the error in the form. I can’t imagine what else it could be
  2. Yeah I included last 3 years of tax forms and the accompanying 1099s which verify my income, which is a good deal over the 125% but upon reviewing the i864 I put household total as 1 instead of 2 so I assume that’s why they kicked out the RFIE and sent the generic form letter for the i864. I will be calling them monday hopefully they can confirm
  3. Ah... this is what I suspected. So when I put household size of 1 instead of 2 their system automatically kicked out the RFIE 🙄. I included all tax forms etc so I can’t see what else it could be so I was just a bit confused. I guess the form letter is pretty generic
  4. Filed the i485 and i864, jsut got an RFIE sayign I don't make enough money (I do, and my tax forms and 1099's all show this) - hoever I reviewed the i864 I sent and in section 5 I accidentally added up family household memebrs as 1 instead of 2 (yes I know so stupid). Would this be a reason for receiving the form letter? I'm assuming an error like this would automatically flag this for an RFIE - it talks about me not not making enough money etc and I clearly do, so it's a bit confusing - until I saw my error in household size. Has anyone else encountered an error like this before based on too few members in the household total ? Thanks for any advice.
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