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  1. After having (almost) gone through the whole k1 & AOS process, I do not recommend this at all. Get married if at all possible, and apply for a spousal visa.
  2. Thank you so much for the reply! I' really glad to hear they're going in late March already!
  3. In the same boat. Original interview date was April 2nd, they cancelled in on March 26th and haven't heard back since. The status online says it's ready to be scheduled for interview. Yeah, I called them and was told she couldn't give me any information, except about my own case. And only the status regarding that too. Not helpful.
  4. When was your original interview scheduled? Mine was on April 2nd, and I'm still waiting to hear the new date.
  5. Thanks. I'll do that tomorrow morning then... Any idea how long I should prepare to spend there?
  6. How did you apply for it so fast? I've waited on the phone for 2 hours to book an appointment 2.5 weeks away... Does the SSA allow walk-ins? How long did you have to wait?
  7. Would there be any reason for the USCIS to ask for this envelope, as it's supposed to be given at the POE anyway? If I open it and copy the DS-3025 for the AOS package and just keep this envelope for myself until the end of time, how would they even know I opened it or even that I had it in the first place, as they would assume I gave it to the CBP officer at POE. I could say the officer scanned them and gave me copies. The envelope doesn't strictly say "only opened by US immigration" but instead "to be presented at US immigration". I did submit the original medical documents to the embassy in a larger envelope (it didn't have the CD though) so they were most likely in the brown envelope.
  8. Yes, I had two sealed envelopes: one from the doctor and one large brown one from the embassy. The officer at the POE took the brown envelope to himself. Does this mean I don't have to submit a D-3025? I didn't receive any CD or vaccination report for the doctor besides the one in this unopened envelope that is addressed to US immigration.
  9. So, when I entered the US, the CBP officer didn't want my medical exam envelope and gave it back to me. Am I allowed to open it so that I can take a copy of the D-3025 vaccination form or do I need to keep it unopened and send the whole envelope with my AOS package? The reason why I'm asking and not just sending it unopened is that I would not like to send the original documents to USCIS in case they get lost. Also, I have heard people need to present the D-3025 at the AOS interview later too. The envelope says "To be presented at US immigration" and it's from a medical center in Finland. US immigration at Orlando Airport did not want it. This is the envelope that contains my chest x-ray, vaccination reports and lab results.
  10. Thanks. My name will remain unchanged, so that wont be an issue. On the SS-5 (application for ssn card) it states that if I check the box for "legal alien NOT allowed to work" when applying, I must submit an official document from the government or state stating the reason why I need an SSN card. Is this necessary for K-1 holders? What would this document even be?
  11. Thanks for the response. I think I'll apply for the SSN with via the I-765 application, but also go to the local SSA office to apply for it locally. I don't want to wait for the SSN until I have my EAD as it is necessary for a lot of things I'd like to be able to do sooner. I'm guessing in this case the USCIS/DHS will just either send me a new SSN card later or not send it at all as they can see I have already received one from the local SSA office. My big worry is the flow of information between these agencies. They aren't known for their speed and communication.
  12. Hi, If I understand correctly, I don't need to have another medical exam in the US for AOS as my K-1 medical exam in Finland is so recent (less than 2 months ago). However, I still need to submit the vaccination record DS 3025. At the point of K-1 entry (Orlando) the CBP officer didn't even open my sealed medical exam records, but instead gave them back to me and told me they don't need them. Will I find my DS 3025 vaccination record inside this envelope, and is it okay for me to open it now, even though it says not to be opened by anyone but the customs officer? A little confused about how to prove to the AOS people that I have my medical and vaccinations are OK.
  13. Yes I understand. That's not the question. I'm asking if I should apply for it with EAD (you can request for an SSN in the EAD form nowadays) or separately.
  14. Now you can apply for your SSN while submitting your EAD application. I was wondering if it would be faster to apply for SSN together with the AOS/EAD package or separately at a social security office. I am wondering because online it says you should receive your SSN card within 30 days after receiving your EAD, and the processing times for EAD can be up to 5 months now. On the other hand, I've heard people who apply for SSN separately (like previously you had to) about two weeks after entering with a K1 visa, have received it much sooner. So, is there any point to applying for SSN using the EAD form? -Sami
  15. Kiitos! I'm hoping the low fraud and immigration levels from Finland speed up the process even a little bit. Funny enough, we met in Casablanca, Morocco!
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