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  1. Yes we did. It went pretty well. My attendance definitely helped a lot. The consulate is in a very nice are part of the town. It's worth while to just walk around the area during the interview. But I was kind of depressed by the ordinary people who were rejected for visa applications. I felt bad for them.
  2. Thanks for the research. I guess getting officially married here may not be possible. How about in other counties? Just have to find one that doesn't ask these questions.
  3. Not sure if that will get asked. But my wife and I thought it would be nice to do it again in an American ceremony. A friend of ours actually got re-married in several countries many years ago. No problem so far.
  4. Yes, we know it won't change anything. We are already married to each othere, so there is no fraud either. Just getting another paper documenting our marriage.
  5. I don't believe you have to be divorced first. A friend of mine did that and we thought it was kind of nice to get married again in the US.
  6. Yes, I have an officially translated copy of the marriage certificate. The white book? We want to get an American marriage certificate in addition to the Chinese one. So there is no need or benefit with getting married again in the US?
  7. Hi Everyone: My wife has been approved as a new immigrant. We were originally married in China so our marriage certificate is in Chinese. But we are thinking about getting married again in the US so we have the certificate in English. Are there any issues that we need to be aware of? For immigration, we will always use the original marriage date and certificate. But for other US business, can we use the new marriage certificate? Thanks for your advice!
  8. Has your interview been scheduled? The later it is, the more likely the consulate will want your 2018 transcript.
  9. Thanks for your valuable advice and insight. I think the unspoken rule is what every petitioner need to worry about.
  10. Yes, the CO will be able to read my documents in English, but what if they still have questions? My wife won't be able to respond because she doesn't understand my documents in English. If you read what others have posted earlier in this thread, you will see questions could pop up one way or another, even after USCIS and NVC have checked everything. I hope they are not looking for a reason to reject someone, but you never know.
  11. Thank you for your knowledge of the interview process in Guangzhou. We have been together more than five times, including once earlier this year when I went to see her for 2 weeks, which is why I feel another trip to GZ may not be that critical. If I do go, I will want to spend about 2 weeks of time there, so we could spend some meaningful time together. Direct flights to GZ for next month, which is when our interview is scheduled, are all over $1000 round trip. Maybe the price will come down as the time approach, but then it's the summer travel season.
  12. Yes, thanks for the clarification. But my spouse won't be able to explain my documents which are all in English, if the CO has questions about them.
  13. I am sorry to hear that you have been rejected twice just for tourist visa. Going to HK for US visa? Not sure if that's possible. It all depends on where you and your fiance are based.
  14. It's kind of unfair that US consulates in many countries allow the US citizens to go in but not other ones like China, because the US citizens can certainly explain things better than the non-English speaking applicants. I wonder if it's because the rejection rate is higher in the ones that don't allow sponsors to go in.
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