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  1. Noticed that next to “hardship” fold a new fold appeared “state” what does that mean?
  2. Applied for J1 waiver through conrad 30. so far my timeline: 1. Packet sent to DOS 4/9
  3. Took you 7 months to only get to Form I-612/613 stage - wow. I am only at 4 months and havent even got to 612/613. Its painful, but looks like you are very close to favorable recommendation
  4. Been checking the status every day and today the DOS website showing this: Any idea what this might mean?
  5. Can you apply for green card while waiting for J1 waiver?
  6. If you leave the country while hardship status is pending, what are the next steps? assuming your spouse is a US citizen?
  7. What happens if you are out of status but your J1 hardship waiver is pending and may have many more months to go? what happens if you leave the country while the waiver is pending?
  8. Im in the same boat. my receipt is 11/23/2018. for me USCIS website does not even recognize yhe receipt. are you able to check your status with the receipt number?
  9. How does work? what is the actual timeline of the whole job-conrad 30 process? WHen do you start your Job under Conrad 30? When did you interview for this specific job and when did you sign the contract with them and when did they start visa process for you? Thank you
  10. Nice, congrats! did you experience an issue with USCIS website not recognizing the receipt number? how long did the whole process take you? DOS received my documents on Nov 23 2018 (not i-612/i-613 yet though) Thank you
  11. For some reason, on USCIS website, when I try to enter the receipt number, I get this message "My Case Status does not recognize the receipt number entered. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance, please call the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283." Did someone experience similar situation?
  12. @medicalguy Hey, Im kind of in the same boat as you with medical J-1, specific question, DOS website is not yet showing for me that they have received i-612 / i-613, although received all other docs. Do you know where exactly am I at in this process right now?
  13. I am a subject to 2 year rule requirement for home country after completion of my training. The 2 year rule is what I am trying to waive.
  14. Hello everyone! I am J1 physician, finishing medical residency in June 2019, after that J1 status via ECFMG expires (+30 day grace period) I am transitioning to Fellowship, so should get J1 extension for another year. Currently applying for J1 Hardship Waiver through US citizen spouse, Sent in my waiver packed around September/October 2018 USCIS received documents on November 9 and sent me the receipt with receipt number DOS received documents on November 23. No updates since then. California Service center states processing time 12-18 months for applications received in August 2017. When I go to USCIS website to check the case status, they say that receipt number does not exist. Calling USCIS - they assure me that the case is pending, but it takes a long time to even update their website. You, veterans of VJ, please untangle my confusion and shed some light on the situation, where am I currently at and how long till I hear anything else from USCIS/DOS Thank you so much!
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