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  1. Hi should I mention this before the interview starts?
  2. @Hank hi thank you. Should I mention it before the interview begins?
  3. @Ate thank you. I think I’ll have to risk this mistake and you’re right maybe there were applicants who commited the same mistake as mine. Praying to get my visa approved. Thank you again
  4. Hi @Ate yes this is my problem I havent included my middle name in mya last name. Will there be a problem during my interview? Or is it okay to tell that CO about this?
  5. Hi just want to follow up on this. Its my interview on monday. And honestly i havent included my maiden name in my ds160 form as i really dont know where to put it. Will there be a problem durinf my interview esp with regards on approving my visa? Please im very anxious and worried.
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