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  1. Also worth noting that for the most part, interviews seem to open up at the "end of the month" unless there's a cancellation. I had a September interview and they filled up in just a few hours of being posted so you are not crazy for constantly checking! Could be the difference of an extra month wait for you.
  2. Just want to check if everyone else’s CEAC status says AP after getting approved yesterday? I think this is what it defaults to before they send it out... but want to confirm in case I need another reason to freak out.
  3. Approved today too!! I’ll post a review on the consulate section when I get home later today. I couldn’t talk to anyone I just sat in silence with my nerves lol. Now we get to finally plan a wedding!! edit: I did end up getting my medical results. I showed up in person and once I was there waiting they got it done pretty quickly.
  4. I've spent the evening researching this and it would appear that's the case - I can go to the interview without the medical but I'm not approved until they receive it and process it. Fingers crossed the doctor just needs to make a small amendment and I'll get it on Tuesday. My appointment is at 8:30! I am not usually a morning person so should be fun lol.
  5. I think a scanned copy is fine as some places only do digital versions anyways. If you have his tax forms then the w2 info is all in there which helps back up the information on the scanned version. Your interview is the 11th right? We had to fedex some stuff to Canada and overnight wasn’t available for international (just in case you were looking into that). My interview is on the 11th and the medical clinic today said my results aren’t ready and waiting for “doctor revision”. I’m freaking out a bit. Gonna go to their office tomorrow since I’m already in Montreal and sit there until I get the envelope.
  6. We chose to provide all the info we could considering my fiancé was self employed for half of 2018 and filed an extension for his latest tax returns. Wanted to have everything possible instead of the bare minimum just in case!
  7. Hey all! Just wanted to update this part in case anyone else has been going back and forth with their banks on the phone like we have. Because the bank statements don't contain any info on when the account was opened (and it would appear that info is mandatory according to the instructions), we were able to get a "Standing of Account" letter containing only: Primary Account Holder Account Type Account Ending in Current Balance Date Opened Because we have no physical branch to walk into, my fiance was stuck trying to explain to call center employees who had no idea what he was asking for or why. Once he knew to ask specifically for a Standing Account letter, they were able to fulfill the request right away. If this was obvious to you please disregard lol.
  8. Just had my medical at Medisys/Horizon in Montreal. Was in and out of there in about 90 minutes. I was most worried about this portion due to a complicated medical history. Just wanted to lay out the sequence of events for others: - Arrive early to fill out medical history forms. Like any other doctor’s office. They ask for your passport, photos, vaccination record and packet 4 EMAIL at the front desk. I only printed off the P4 PDF not the email, which I had to forward to them. They need confirmation from the embassy, to you, stating a medical is required and I think the P4 email is the only source for that. - nurse calls you in to a room to go over vaccinations, do a small eye test (i don’t wear glasses) and draw one vial of blood. Also of note is they require the exact dates the vaccinations were administered. My vaccination record only had month/year and she wanted the days in case the embassy asked. Thankfully I brought my medical records with me and was able to quickly pull up the doctor’s notes on days the vaccines were administered. She gave me a container for a urine sample and told me I had to submit it before I left (they want you to wait an hour since the last time you urinated) - Then you wait again and get called in for the chest X-ray. They make you take off your bra and any necklaces and put on a gown. They just do a front and side picture, it’s pretty quick but might be confusing if you’ve never done one before. - then you wait again and get called in to see the doctor to go over medical history and physical exam. I am on anti-anxiety medication and did not bring a note as i’ve never been hospitalized for it. She did want confirmation that it wasn’t for “major depression” as that’s a different checkbox. Again thankfully I had my medical records and could confirm with doctor’s notes reason for the prescription. Physical exam was quick, eyes, ears, and a quick change into a robe for abdominal check. - waited again until all paperwork was compiled, then I paid ($470 CAD) and left! Overall a very quick process. I live in the maritimes and Montreal is the closest place for us. Stayed at the YWCA hotel a 15 minute walk away for only $120 a night. Not as fancy but a nice spot!
  9. I did the exact same thing for the I-129f and updated for the interview. 26 pages total organized by month - about two pages for each month of the relationship. I took screenshots of travel itineraries, photos together (especially those with friends & family), texts here and there that were cute, messages exchanged with family about the relationship, and photos of my wedding dress, wedding band designs and save the dates! I’ll also include updated phone records, which I had submitted with the I-129F, we talk on the phone every day so I just highlighted all the ones with our numbers. I had to use his US phone records because my Canadian ones wouldn’t show the incoming call numbers only the outgoing ones.
  10. It is my understanding that vaccines aren't mandatory with K1 because it is still a non-immigrant visa when crossing the border. You will need a medical with vaccines for your AOS. The K1 medical can be used for your AOS medical if it's within 6 months. It's worth having them at your K1 medical so you don't have to pay another few hundred bucks to get a new medical stateside. I didn't have a proper vaccination record, so I brought my old family doctor records & public health records to a travel clinic and they updated any of the ones I needed and printed a proper vaccine record.
  11. I assumed it was for the Canadian as well, but if anyone can confirm please do! My fiance is also a vet.
  12. Me. Again. I leave for Montreal in 8 days so prepping everything!! My fiance (petitioner) is with a bank that has no physical branch locations (so modern lol). He's unable to get the bank letter for the I-134 supporting evidence. I've been looking through other threads but want to check with the recent Montreal people that this should be enough supporting evidence: 1) Employer Letter 2) 2017 tax return & 2018 extension filing 3) Year's worth of bank statements with deposits & current balance highlighted Am I missing anything? I'll include his mortgage agreement under proof of US residency.
  13. Thank you for posting that!! The Medisys instructions just say Any relevant medical reports or tests results you have for any previous or existing medical conditions which I find to be pretty vague if you have a complex medical history 😕 I have all my medical files to bring but I can’t imagine them going through every single page.
  14. From the reviews I’ve read here it looks like they often tell you if you’re approved at the interview but I wouldn’t count on it as a guarantee in case they want to check on something first. Also as far as I know the passports HAVE to be mailed. I had thought about sticking around Montreal too but because it can take up to two weeks (or as little as two days) to be mailed I didn’t want to be stuck there waiting.
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