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  1. All the areas with * should be correctly filled in, and in the box for typing your question just put "What is my case status?"
  2. Here is the alternative way. It takes 10 days to 4 weeks to receive a reply from NVC. The fastest way is still calling. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/ask-nvc.html?wcmmode=disabled
  3. You should look at chart B B. DATES FOR FILING FAMILY-SPONSORED VISA APPLICATIONS F3 08SEP07 As your PD passes the date in chart B, you should have received the WL by now. I suggest you contact NVC for your case status.
  4. Hi Michelle, Pls refer to the below link for the steps to be followed, except the DS-261 which is no longer required. One photograph will be required when you submit applicant's civil documents. Medical examination and 2 photos (2x2) will be needed after you receive the Interview appointment which is after step 6. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/collect-and-submit-forms-and-documents-to-the-nvc/step-3-submit-visa-application-form.html
  5. Have you received the Welcome letter from NVC yet? If yes, then you should find the Invoice ID number provided. Please check Chart B, Visa Bulletin July 2019 to see if your case is eligible for opening now.
  6. Hi mmichele, Are you filling DS-260 for Immigrant visa or DS-160 for Non-immigrant visa? DS-261 is no longer required as all the documents are to be submitted online by the petitioner/principal applicant. Either the petitioner or principal applicant can fill DS-260. The link you mentioned is for DS-160, Non-immigrant visa.
  7. Hi, Glad to share with you what I did for my mom. At the “Tax return or transcript” select “unavailable” and add a comment: I was not required to file tax returns as I have no income. An explanation letter is attached”. And under the Additional document below, upload the letter. That was accepted by NVC after 12 days. Good luck with your uploading.
  8. To clarify: my case was completed while the two AOS documents still show “Submitted”
  9. My case is similar, only I-864 and passport page of the joint sponsor show “Submitted”. However, case was completed after 12 days of AOS submission. Hope you will receive CC letter from NVC soon
  10. It seems now they found a better explanation by passing the issue to CEAC/embassy. As they are aware and CEAC is aware (of course) why don’t they fix it? Why do they still want us to be stuck in the “black hole”? I don’t think updating the system is too hard for CEAC. They did it from Feb. 25 onwards.
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