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  1. eFBi

    NBI with AKA clarification needed

    Thanks, Hank. But does it mean I need to re-do my DS-160 even if it's already submitted? Or it's fine to leave it that way? Thank you again.
  2. eFBi

    NBI with AKA clarification needed

    I have a question too regarding this. Hopefully, someone can help me. I put my nickname in my DS-160 as other name since it is the name that my friends and co workers used to call me but that nickname never existed in any of my civil documents. My fiance put that too in his I-129F. Should I request for another NBI with AKA (nickname) even if it never existed in any of my civil documents? Should I re-do my DS-160? Hopefully someone can help. Thank you.
  3. The guard I asked before my medical says NO special cases, first come first served. But on the exact day of my medical, there's a guy that separated the seniors, pregnant women, and with 2years old pedia from the line. They were given priority numbers. I guess, PWD belongs to that line too. I'm not just sure.
  4. I printed both and submitted both. It didn't do me any harm. So, it's fine. I got over prepared, I guess. 😁
  5. I encountered a lady while on the line that she wasn't given a number by the guard because of that. And it was recommended by the USEM, when I called them, to print it out before I go to my medical as SLEC will be looking for it. Printing it and bringing it to your medical exam won't mean no harm, I guess. But it's better to have them prepared in case someone will look for it than be sorry for not having it later. Have a great day. 😊
  6. Yes. Praying for your success too. Don't stress yourself out. Although it's easier said than done. 'Been in your place last week. Let's hope that everything will go well for you too. God bless you.
  7. This is true. Monday is always packed with people. I made a mistake getting there after a holiday, but I don't regret that I'm successfully done now. 😊
  8. Hey. Don't worry. Even if you got your period unexpectedly on the day of your exam, you'll still be accepted in SLEC. It was my worry too when I went there. But Good thing, my period cooperated with me. πŸ˜‚
  9. Hi, you may print the eligibility sent to your fiance's email. It will do. 😊 God bless you.
  10. Well, I can't undo what's done. What matters is I passed. 😊 Thanks for all your concern, though. Thank you. 😊
  11. What to do? It's how it works just to be able to finish early.
  12. Praying for the success of your fiancée too. She can go earlier than her 2pm schedule if she wants too. 😊
  13. This website has been so beneficial for me since we're doing our application on our own. And I guess, it's time to give back. 😊 ------- I rented a "room" at Pacific Place Apartelle Suites at 539 Arquiza St. for 3D2N for 2000/night. (02)5212279 call here for reservations. 😊 I'm not an endorser. I just appreciate their place so much. πŸ˜„ I would highly recommend this as this was 100m away to SLEC. You can literally get there in less than 2 minutes walking. This "room" I rented is actually an apartment with living, dining, kitchen, 2-door refrigerator, 2TVs, 2ACs, and 1BR with 1T&B with well functioning hot shower. What amused me most is that they have free use of stove and kitchen equipment (casserole, pan, plates, bowls, utensils, etc). So mom just cooked food to save money. And staffs are friendly and accommodating too. KUDOS! πŸ˜€πŸ‘ So here it goes... DAY 1 2:30AM - I went to SLEC hoping to get #1 but despite being early, I still got Lucky number 8. The early birds were there since 1:30AM. 4:00AM - The guard allowed us to enter the building, checked our requirements and gave us our numbers. I got #8. Requirements I submitted : -1 copy of nvc and eligibility letters -1 copy of interview appointment -1 copy of online registration to SLEC -1 photocopy of passport -4pcs 2x2 pictures with Printed names at the back -Passport 5:30AM - Counters are already open. It was a surprised since the guard told us that it will open at 6:00. Anyway, I was #8 but since the early birds are two families (family will be entertained in just 1 counter) and a solo, I've been 4th. 5:45AM - I was called and submitted my requirements. Got asked a few questions like name, birthday, interview date, etc. Just the basics that you can easily answer. Then after, I was asked for my 4 index finger prints. Once done, I was instructed to go to the 5th floor for payment to the Cashier. 6:10AM - Done paying. I was instructed to go to 4th floor for blood extraction and urine. This made me curious since the people before me were instructed to 3rd floor for XRAY. I guess it was done so it won't clog for each floor. This was actually a good thing since I'm the first applicant at the 4th floor so I didn't wait. I was done with my blood extraction at 6:15AM but was asked to go back at 6:22AM for urine. I made a mistake peeing at 5:22. At this part, your number has no bearing anymore. It's a matter of strategy how you'll finish your exams. Whether you'll run, write fast, use the stairs or wait for the elevator. I did use the stairs most of the times. TIP: If you can hold in your pee before this part, hold it in. Your urine must be within your bladder for at least an hour. 6:26AM - I am done with XRAY since there were still a few people so I got accommodated immediately. This wasn't a good experience for me though I finished it so fast. The nurse assigned did my xray 4 times. According to her, I needed to breathe very deep. So I did it 4 times. It was actually okay not until I heard her reaction. She said "ehemm" in a very sarcastic tone that I got afraid that she might saw something wrong on my lungs. It made me nervous until the morning of my Day 2. In my opinion, she shouldn't be giving unnecessary reactions because the people in that clinic are stressed and pressured. Giving her the benefit, she may not be aware that her unnecessary reactions have psychological effect to the person hearing her words. I convinced myself that she made it unintentionally but I also met an applicant later who got worried because of the same thing. It's very unprofessional. πŸ˜‘ 6:30AM - I went back to 4th floor for urinalysis. I'm able to pee by that time. So I'm confident I'll meet the line in the small container. 6:35AM - I submitted my paper for immunization interview. This was forever. I got stranded here for almost 1 1/2hrs. There's only a few doctors and some papers with colored tag will be prioritized first. Colored tags are for families with pedia, seniors, and pregnant. When it's my turn, I was asked with series of questions like first and last day of period, if I got hospitalized, got any baby book vaccine records, etc. I was asked too if I had chickenpox before, and it's yes. However, i wasn't able to show any scar so I still need Varicella. I was told to have 3 shots. MMR, TDAP, and Varicella. 8:10AM - I got to 5th floor, submitted my paper (btw, make sure that your receipt and passport are always with you before leaving floors/counters) for vital signs (height and weight). Then was aked to wait to be called again. I waited for about 10mins and was called for BP and eye check. Then was asked to wait for my name to be called at the US counter. After 5mins, my name was called and was instructed to go to Room 8. And I'm the doctor's 7th patient. Waiting is the game. There were 3 people before me. Some are done for 10mins, others are 15mins, some are lesser or more. 9:20AM - I'm in. Was fired series of questions again, mostly medical history. And I tried depending myself by telling the doctor that I had early signs of pneumonia just almost a month ago and was treated for 1 week. I did that out of desperation because I'm still bothered with the reaction of the nurse at the XRAY room. She just typed everything in her computer. Once done, she told me to undress leaving the undergarments on and wear the gown. My back and neck were checked first before lying down. While lying down, I was instructed to extend my arms showing her the front and back of my hands. Stomach was checked. Then made pinches on my lower abdomen and I'm done. 9:30AM - I submitted my receipt to the US Counter and they told me to wait again. 9:35AM - My name was called and the staff told me to go back tomorrow at 9AM for immunization. I'm not sure with what to think with her words. I'm after with the stamp of the guard the next morning. I'm just thankful I'm done a bit early despite the huge number of applicants that day. DAY 2 My schedule was 9am but I went there at 6:51AM since I'm just staying nearby and I learned that I can go earlier than my original time. (The guard has 4 stamps, Immunization means you passed, Counter A for psychiatric exam, laboratory for sputum test, and radiology for repeat XRAY. I just read this from a blog before. I'm not sure if these are accurate. Credits to the owner.) I got IMMUNIZATION AREA at 2nd floor after scanning my index finger. So the guard stamped Immunization. I praised the Lord for HIS mercy. All Glory to HIM. Getting there early was a good choice. I'm the first applicant that was called at the immunization room. I waited for about 30mins here before I was called. 7:30AM - I'm done with my 3 vaccines and was instructed to go down at ground floor and wait for my name to be called. Btw, there's short interview here such as name of my FiancΓ©, his birthday, first and last day of period, etc. 7:50AM - My name was called at counter A only to ask for my passport and instructed to wait again. 8:00AM - I was called at Counter H. The staff asked for my interview date, asked to check the spelling of my name on the papers, my passport number, address, etc. 8:10AM - I'm done. Finally. I was given with a CD, vaccine records, and the sealed brown envelope that has DO NOT OPEN. These will be brought to the day of interview. ---------------- Sharing is caring. I'm not sure if this will be effective to everyone but for me, I had a good feeling after suffering from the early signs of pneumonia. It helps to clean your lungs and remove all the mucus you have according to the video I've watched. I tried homemade carrots syrup for two weeks before going to SLEC. Took it in the morning with an empty stomach and before bedtime. It's boiled carrots mixed with pure honey and lemon juice. Again, I didn't say that this was the reason I got "fine" with my XRAY, but upon trying it, I'm breathing normally than usual. It may worked on me but I'm not sure if it will work on you too. I'm not the right/best person to recommend what is best for you. I just shared my thoughts. 😊 For those who'll have their medical soon, God bless you. I pray for your success too. PS. A day after a holiday is packed of people. February 25 is Edsa day. You may wish to do your medical on a different day. They say, it's usually Thursday that has fewer applicants.