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  1. Hi everyone. I thought I would make a thread for us April 2019 I-130 filers. Our packet was delivered on 4/2 to the Chicago Lockbox. Waiting to see the check cashed now... Good luck to us all.
  2. Ok, I will hand-write the country in the native language. Thank you for your help givionte.
  3. Hello I am completing item 58f in Part 4 of the I-130. The instructions state to write the beneficiary's name and foreign address in their native language. My husband is from Israel where the language is Hebrew. Fields 57a - 58e allowed me to type in Hebrew, so I did. However, field 58f which asks for the country to be written in Hebrew is giving me an error when I try to type in Hebrew. It only allows English. I left it blank, printed it out, and wrote in the space as follows to kill two birds with one stone: ישראל (Israel) Israel in Hebrew on the left and Israel in English in parantheses on the right. Is this ok? I was unsure if they really wanted the foreign language there since the electronic form only allows alpha characters. Should I only write ישראל or only write Israel? Thank you for your help.
  4. Hi Arken Thank you for pointing that out! You saved us some extra time and effort. Thanks again.
  5. Hi C90. Thank you for your help. We will fill out the new, updated forms. Appreciate the guidance.
  6. Hi everyone Thank you for reading. We sent in our CR1 packet in late February 2019. It arrived at USCIS March 1st, 2019. It was rejected due to an "incomplete mailing address." Where we live doesn't have streets or house numbers. I switched to a US mailing address to remedy this. Anyways, the I-130 and I-130A forms that we sent in February 2019 had an expiration date of 7/31/18. That was the updated version on the USCIS website at the time. Yesterday, we received our application back in the mail after being rejected. I fixed the incorrect addresses on our forms, but now I see that USCIS has updated the I-130 and I-130A forms on their site to an expiration date of 2/28/21. Am I supposed to fill out the updated version from scratch or just fix the few pages that need fixed in the old forms that we sent in? Thank you for your help.