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  1. The documents were dropped off to the courier which delivered to the embassy the day after there was no notification that the embassy received the documents I had to call the embassy with no luck so I went back to the courier which confirmed the receipt of the documents by the embassy, then the visa said issued on the ceac 3 weeks later
  2. I just went through this it took about three weeks after the documents were submitted and now in the USA.
  3. Good morning did you ever get the visa if so how long did it take? Thank you
  4. Should I be worried all documents accepted but haven’t received a DQ emailed? two days now
  5. I called everyday some days I thought I was going crazy called over 100 times. Once the phone rang I listen for a particular recording if I didn’t hear it I hung up. If I did waited on hold for hours. If that person couldn’t help I hung up wait for 4 hours and tried again. I have reasons to keep trying I don’t know your situation but I really needed to get through to someone who could help me with my situation and it wasn’t easy
  6. Yea I was very persistent hung up call back again until I got someone who was able to help me some people love to do what they’re doing and some people love to just get paid I found people would love to do what they were doing and were able to give me accurate information and get me to a supervisor who love to do what they were doing FYI Most importantly I prayed before I called and asked God to get me someone who would listen
  7. Did you get an email saying DQ? I logged in and saw that all documents were accepted....
  8. I think that they are just telling people whatever date they last post that they are working on because I submitted documents on July 19 and they reviewed them last week sometime. I got one rejected and after calling over and over and speaking to maybe 100 different ppl they finally review what I just submitted and got all documents accepted today
  9. I’m in the same boat as you “same tax issue” funny thing is I uploaded the same document twice once in the required document section and another in the additional document section they rejected it under required and accepted under additional.... like OMG REALLY!!!
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