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  1. thanks could you give me a quick run down on the difference with spousal vs fiance visa?
  2. im a Canadian resident who lives off disability income while working and going to school and looking into marrying an American citizen. im wondering would i be able to survive while having some set backs of not being able to work full time and if relocating to the states or is it not likely. i read that my fiance will have to support us both financially for around (six?) years and i wouldnt be able to get a job legally in that time. is that true? and would i be able to apply for any disability benefits once i am married and living in the states? or can i not due to not being a full fledged citizen.
  3. yes a work visa. I've known of other Canadians, who work basic labour jobs though in the states. was that illegal then?
  4. I'm going to college to get a medical office assistant certificate in Canada and was told it wouldn't get me a sponsored visa in the states. has anyone tried? is this accurate? would it be invalid?
  5. so I vaguely remember finding a form that is required when marrying a foreign fiance that involves giving all these familial details such as parents work histories, their parents legal names, cities lived in ect. I'm estranged from my mom and my dad died eons ago. I basically have no information on either and it would be next to impossible to find info for any forms like that. does anyone know this form I'm talking about or if this is needed for marriage approval? do I need to dig up a bunch of info facts? is that required at all?
  6. i'm just wondering if anyone knows any information on how a Canadian fiance marrying a USA citizen is viewed if they had been on disability income/benefits. I know they are looking to see if the fiance will become a public charge, would this be a huge setback? I plan to officially go for my career ambition and even get a back up career. so I plan to work 3-4 years to start in a career feild then go through the process. I feel like receiving goverment income and benefits for so long or even ever, will be the drawing line of getting denied. if it matters, I was put on it at seventeen in order to afford foster home rent, then had no reason to go off as I can work while on it, have money while a student, and get medical coverages.
  7. so I'm a Canadian citizen looking to marry an American. I've read that I could be ineligible for self harm, psych diagnosis and past drug use. for me personally I self harmed pretty bad on my forearm when I was sixteen (I'm 28 now) and it's visible and looks pretty bad. I did it because I was so upset and angry that my mom gave me up to the system at after my dad died. it wasent related to mental illness. I've considered tattoos or skin graphs to hide them but I've read that you have to admit it either way, or if the medical examiner asks. a problem I have concerning it is that a few years ago I was diagnosed borderline personality and went through treatment for it (DBT a skills based group) but recently got reassessed and my psych believes I wasent borderline to begin with nor at all and gave me accurate up to date diagnosis (ADHD and some anxiety). I'm worried that I will have to admit my past misdiagnosises cause I was also misdiagnosed bipolar at fifteen. i also read to list off any psych treatment, would I have to mention when I was hospitalized at 16? would I have to list off the bipolar and borderline misdiagnosis? or when I went through behavioural skills therapy? Do I have to get records? or can I just give a note from my psychiatrist or gp stating my current diagnosis and stating I'm not a threat to myself or others? also I experimented with drugs until I was 19. I tried many and read that even trying twice consitutes as drug abuse. do I have to go into detail on my forms or at the exam? like which ones? would they put me through an addictions program in order to qualify even though it's been so long and I never was facing addiction? I only did them because I didn't know any other environment (I live on an island where there is huge drug culture) how likely am I to be denied or having to submit waivers, or even barred from entry permenantly?
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