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  1. Hello, Your fiance definitely needs a police clearance certificate from each country she lived in for more than 6 months over the age of 18. I belive the electronic version of MVD police certificate can be obtained faster than in 4 weeks. You should ask her to check gosuslugi.ru website. In case you won't be able to bring the certificate to the interview, she will most likely be asked to email the copy of it once she gets it. Till then the interview status will be pending. Regards, Elena
  2. Hello there, Correct address is Bolshoy Devyatinsky Lane, 8. IV and NIV visa applicants stand in the same line and then, once inside the Embassy territory, they are distributed between two separate lines - security guard helps with that. Hope it helps, Elena
  3. Hello, I would advise you to write a request re case status to consulMO@state.gov. Status updates on ceac seem to happen quite erratically, so the best way to find out what is going on with the case is to write to them or call the hotline (8 800 100 2554 - for calls from Russia and 718 425 8337 for calls from US) and file the inquiry. Hope it helps. Elena
  4. Hello there, Here's the information about the fee - https://www.ustraveldocs.com/ru/ru-niv-visafeeinfo.asp#payment Also, you should make sure that the profile information in traveldocs is up to date - DS 160 number, etc Once you update payment receipt number in traveldocs, it takes 1-3 work days for it to be recognised by the system. Then, the embassy will process your case and open up the calendar. Recently girls have been waiting for a month to get access to the calendar. Elena
  5. No worries, I can totally understand that the process can be frustrating at times. I will DM you re WhatsApp group.
  6. I would recommend to pay the fee (sometimes it takes a couple of days for the payment to be processed) and to have everything ready in the travel docs profile. Once the case reaches the Embassy, you will enter the visa fee payment receipt number and wait for the calendar to open up
  7. I agree) I really want to help Kristina and keep answering her questions diligently but they keep popping up in different places)
  8. You shouldn't log in to traveldocs for more than 3 times in 24 hours. The access will be unblocked within 72 hours, no one will be able to say, how much time it will take exactly. To check the status of your case, while you are blocked, you can call the hotline - they will be able to advice if the calendar is opened.
  9. Hello Kristina, Don't worry - this is a standard procedure. Once the Embassy is ready for you interview, you will receive an email and you will be able to see the calendar - either the dates or, in case there are no dates available, "no dates available" message. Approx 10 girls in our WhatsApp group are waiting for the calendar to be opened. And just in case I'm writing the same message in Russian: Не переживайте, так и должно быть. Когда Посольство будет готово к интервью, Вы получите письмо на email и в traveldocs откроется календарь - либо сможете выбрать дату интервью, либо будет сообщение "на данный момент нет дат".
  10. My fiance visited me in Russia (Moscow and Novosibirsk ports of entry) 5 times and he has never been asked for a return ticket
  11. Hello there, After "ready" status NVC send cases to the Embassy twice a month. After the case reaches the Embassy it takes from 2 to 14 working days for it to be processed and the calendar to be opened. For some cases Packet 3 never arrives, there's no need to wait for it. Here are the steps that I recommend you take: 1) Fill in DS-160 2) Pay visa fee 3) Log into your profile on us travel docs (or create a new one in case you don't have it) 4) Follow the steps on travel docs all the way up to yellow message saying "we have received your request and will notify you once you can schedule the interview" Elena
  12. Kristina, I have replied to your question earlier - you should log in to https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/?language=Russian&country=Russia - your existing profile, if you already have it, or create a new one. Once your case is processed at the Embassy, you will be able to see the calendar and schedule your interview. In case no dates are available you will see the message saying "no available dates". After the case reached the Embassy it takes 2-14 work days for the calendar to be opened. You do not need to wait for Packet 3. What I suggest you to do is to fill in DS 160, pay visa fee, update profile on travel docs. If you want, you can join one of the WhatsApp groups, the girls are very helpful and answer questions almost instantly.
  13. NVC sends cases twice a month, so once you have "ready" and "in transit" status you can start tracking via DHL. It's not possible to check exact cases that have been handed over, it's always a bit of "guesstimation". We've got a WhatsApp group with girls waiting, it's always helpful to see how other cases are moving along.
  14. After you submit the request for the calendar to open up on travel docs it usually takes from 2 to 14 work days for it to be processed by the Embassy. Once it's done you will receive an email from the Embassy and you will be able to see the calendar with the dates or the message saying that at this point of time there are no dates available. Please note that the Embassy will resume work after holidays on Monday, May 13th
  15. Prior to the interview you should email the Embassy your passport scan (1st page), birth certificate, divorce certificates (if you have any), police certificate from every country you lived in for more than 6 months over the age of 18.
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