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  1. @TexasVAWA hahahahaha you very funny dear... stay safe
  2. @TexasVAWA Thanks dear you are very sweet, I actually didn’t wait to get the yellow letter, I did new medicals and sent the medical to NBC already since I knew they have my A File with them , my medicals from 2017 was expired already.... you may have chances of Approval with interview becos of the pandemic
  3. @TexasVAWA hahahahaha don’t get confused Sweety, everyone has a way they approach their problems , we all have choices,.. most people here are been sent RFE for good moral character and police clearance from home country in their i360 application,... when I saw that I quickly sent my police clearance from home country to USCIS , so in the end I was approved without getting that request for evidence of GMC from home country, that saved me few months of my application, mean while a lot of people wait to get get the RFE first before sending it to USCIS which burns a lot of time.,,, so my opinion is this, the A file of your i485 application case is with NBC , this is how they notice your i485 medical has expired and sent a letter to tell you... , your uscis local Office usual request your A file from NBC before conducting your interview, National benefit center (NBC) they are the one that print ur green cards and not your local office, guess what ? I sent my Medical’s to them 1month ago, so am not gonna get this yellow letter people are getting here, its just me and the way I handle my case, people are different, Advice is not a must to take it 😁 so dear please do get confused.... I have read abt 2people here that said they got RFE medical from NBC , well am not here to argue , I advise , just to help and not harm you..., 😘
  4. @GodIsGood2 NBC has your A file with them, .,, they are telling you that they need your medical, please quickly do it and send it to NBC to avoid delays dear., it is pandemic season, they may approve you without interview..... stay blessed
  5. @sammyroy oh woah congratulations to you dear , our God is great
  6. @AhmedEid how are you bro, hope u staying safe in the pandemic period? Here the link to the video, Play it’s and see what it says... let me know when you watch it and I can also send you another video again to explain more
  7. @Cupsy I also saw this , this morning... interview doesn't get waved before, but some of them are now getting waved due to coronavirus impact ...
  8. @Cupsy my dear due to coronavirus some cases are getting quick Approval than some .. As I said in one of the Reply to you, I said I have noticed that people that filed i485 and i360 together has been getting interview waved , we have abt 2 to 3 cases here on VJ so far like that , and also a couple of them on face book and all that have seen are people that filed i485 and i360 together like you.. so am praying for your own to be like that also... I never said all Vawa cases never said that pls read my previous response to you dear.. , I have not seen pending i485 cases filed by previous spouse that are pending , getting this interview wavers yet... here a link of video u may benefit from I never said it’s every Vawa case ... becomes some people are trying to twist my words on here for no reason...
  9. @Cupsy Amen 🙏 I receive it in Jesus name 🤣🤣 thanks dear
  10. @Cupsy pls make sure you dance 💃 like shakira my dear it’s not easy ... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. @Pinkrlion yes that been going on mostly for people that filed i360 and i485 together... if you check immigration lawyers videos on YouTube you would see they are saying same thing cos their clients are getting green cards without interview mostly Vawa cases...and few marriage base cases.... for those that has pending i485 with previous spouse before filling Vawa I haven’t heard anything concerning those i485 cases but I pray we start hearing good news from that angle soon...
  12. @Cupsy follow cases of i360 and i485 filed together most of them lately has been getting their green card without interview.... so I guess if u send the requested RFE to them the next thing may card in process ....green card Approval you get without interview by Gods grace u come here to celebrate...,
  13. @Pinkrlion my dear I guess you didn’t read and understand what I said properly please read it again.... I responded to 2 people and covered all these questions u talking abt already , if u saw my 2nd post then u should also see the 1st post pls check them out it’s clear enough I said 75 to 80 percent , let’s don’t argue what is stated clearly already
  14. @CupsyOh woahhh I guess you gonna get ur green card without interview 🤣🤣🤣🤣 u should be dancing 💃 now congratulations in Advance dear , lay me be first to wish u
  15. @Cupsy oh sorry dear, these things can put someone in hot seat.., I think you would get it soon though... give it some few days... A quick question, when did your Vawa got Approved? And did you file Vawa and i485 together? Or was your i485 pending from your previous spouse application?
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