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  1. Hi , all! I wonder if a person who removed conditions on Green card based on extreme cruelty/ abuse and with a divorce , is able to apply for a citizenship after 2 years 9 months of residency ? I know there is such rule for VAWA filers . Thank you!
  2. Do I need to pick up the card from the post office , or would they bring it to me ?
  3. Thank you ! The status is “card is ordered “ what status supposed to be to get a tracking number?
  4. Hi, guys !! do you know if it’s possible to track a GC via usps ?? How can we find a tracing number ? Was you able to track it before you received it ?
  5. Hi, guys !! do you know if it’s possible to track a GC via usps ?? How can we find a tracing number ?
  6. People talking about the stamp in the passport 🤔 I hope we will get our before March . We will see soon ! Good luck to us 🍀
  7. Wow, so fast ! Congratulations! did you get your card with a divorce waiver ?
  8. Hi guys ! Congratulation to everyone who got GC already!!! For these who are still waiting, should we contact us -cis for update , or should we wait until March ? 🍎🍎🍎
  9. Hi guys ! how is everyone doing? my paralegal told me to contact uscis for update information. Should we do it ? or should we wait until March ( when 18 months is expires)?
  10. How do you know about that? Mine is in the range of 2090003000, and no updates.
  11. Congratulations! mine is 2090003Xxx , and still waiting. The paralegal suggested to call them and make a request why the case is taking so long . I don’t want to bother them . What do you think, guys ?
  12. Great news ! Congratulations! We are in the same situation and terms , but mine is LIN.
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