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  1. Thank you! We already submitted holiday pictures with family, friends and our travel together with the application. The Officer only asked me How did we meet and who attended our wedding, went over the application that’s it. Then asked me for 5 pictures (I brought the pics with my husband vacation just 2 weeks prior), officer never even looked at them and the album I brought and no questions asked just put them in my file with new docs. Told me I was approved and to expect my GC in 2 weeks time. Goodluck on your Interview!
  2. Hi, I just did my Interview last friday and was Approved on the spot! GC in hand just yesterday. We have to request 2 Expedites as the first one they responded that I have to wait for my Background to clear first. I just called the Military Hotline and then faxed them my husbands orders and letters. Here is my Timeline: PD: 2/4/2019 Interview Date: 5/31/2019 Best of luck on your case!
  3. Thanks for replying! My Husband already mailed them, should be here friday.
  4. Hi guys, I have a question regarding this for those who went to interview alone. My Husband is stationed in Germany and couldn’t attend my AoS Interview. I will bring his official orders with me, will they require me to bring my husbands Original Birth certificate and naturalization papers? I just want to make sure so he can mail it to me ASAP before the interview.
  5. Thank you for confirming!😀 Yes I am currently stateside and my Husband is Active Duty on PDS for 3 years to Germany only last December. I am already on his Orders, we are just waiting for my greencard. I plan to Apply online once I have my GC and just fly for my Interview later. Such a relief to know it is possible! Thanks so much!
  6. Hello All, I am currently waiting for my AoS, and I plan to Expedite my Naturalization because my Husband is currently stationed in Germany. I have a question, does my husband need to be Naturalized Citizen for atleast 3 years before I can Apply to be Naturalized under 319(b)? Or can I Apply to be Naturalized as soon as I get my Green Card? I am just confused regarding this Eligibility Requirement.😁
  7. Congratulation!😊 I am also proud of my Husband! He is an Army RN and his first duty station is also Germany! He is just waiting for me to get there as soon as possible after this immigration headache. 😂
  8. Hi, We are also on the same situation as you. My Husband was Ordered to Germany last year and I’m Stateside right now waiting for AoS. We tried to Expedite, We included all Evidence with Application Packet ( Official Orders with Command Sponsorship, Both Commanders Letter from losing and gaining unit, Hubbys proof of Military Service, Expedite request letter from me and Hubby..) Basically what they said was I need to wait for All my Background Check to be cleared, and then I can try to Expedite the Interview date because my Field office waiting time is 12-22months, but there is No guarantee it would be Approved. So we will try again to Expedite after my Background check has been cleared. :)
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