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  1. Wow... 7 days?? That is amazing! I thought the NVC stage took 4 weeks after they give you a case number! Has NVC's processing time sped up? Or does the faster you submit fees and docs once the portal becomes available the faster they review your submission?
  2. Hi all! I recently received my NOA2 in the mail with a notice date of May 01, but so far neither of the USCIS websites have updated (both are still saying that my petition has been received). I also didn't receive any emails or texts, even though I signed up for them on https://egov.uscis.gov. Would the next steps be to wait a few days before calling NVC to ensure that they've received my file? And for those who are saying that they are checking their emails waiting for a case number, how do you supply your email to NVC? Do you need to call them to provide it? Thank you!
  3. We mailed our package on 12 Feb and just received our electronic NOA1 on 21 Feb - case is going to Potomac. I've read that Potomac has been on a roll lately, so fingers crossed this roll continues through to us 🤞Hoping for a speedy process for all Feb filers!
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