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  1. I moved to the US on a spouse visa almost 10 years ago. During those 10 years, we lived continually in the US, owned/rented property, and I have continuously worked in the States. Recently I decided to apply for citizenship and submitted my N400 form, had the biometrics appointment and now I am waiting for my interview somewhere in mid-March 2020. Unfortunately, my dad's health status declined recently and I would like to fly home (outside of US) be beside him. I have read about the Continuous Residence Requirement clause on the USCIS website: https://www.uscis.gov/us-citizenship/citizenship-through-naturalization/continuous-residence-and-physical-presence-requirements-naturalization and it got me a bit confused. My questions are: -- Considering I have lived here for so long, does this apply to a long-standing green card holder? -- I will keep my job in the US and still own a property here. Can I leave for a long period (potentially more than 6 months) without holding off my naturalization? -- In the "Continuous Residence and Physical Presence Requirements for Naturalization" they discuss only about the requirements before applying, do those restrictions apply also AFTER applying? now that I have applied, can I go and aid my dad even if it will take months. Thanks for your time and insights.
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