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  1. Hello folks, i really need your thoughts on this.. my work place offered to hire me very soon. My concern is that I only got an extension letter since my I 751 is pending. Is it gonna a problem? What if the Human Resources office is not familiar with this situation? What could be done? By the way I am a july 2018 filers. Thanks,
  2. I am a Vermont filer... did my biometric back in September 2018 and case is stuck in “ fingerprints review is completed” since then.. anyone seeing movement in Vermont?
  3. Hello, i wanted to thank everyone on here for making the journey less stressful. I have done my biometric since September 2018 and received my NOA a month later but haven’t heard from them since then. The package was sent at Vermont service center. Any ideas on the workload of that service? When to expect some actions on my file. Thanks
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