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  1. Did you hear anything from you i290b motion to re open? How long did it take? I am in the same position, over 6 wks with no update since the received it with payment.

  2. thank you for the replay yes I choose to be handled local it was a motion to reopen the case and yes we sent 864 and taxes they sent a letter saying they received it and the fee and they gave me like a new case number that's it when I cheeked online nothing changed but over the phone it says its pending you will receive something by mail thank you again
  3. Hi Thank you for the replay it was for adjustment of status by marriage after the finger print they denied I 485 the reason why they said after we called that we didn't send enough evidences of support but we they didn't get any communication from USCIS no calls emails or mail so we got a denied letter asking we can do appeal or motion we choose to do a motion and we sent all those documents they are asking for with I 290B and the fee almost 3 months and no answer yet only a letter saying that they received it and the fee . thanks again for your help and good luck to everyone .
  4. Hi Everyone I need your help. I want to know how long it takes to get an answer from USCIS about my Form I-290B, Notice of Appeal or Motion that they received it On November 26, 2018. If someone had the same case please don't hesitate to tell me your experience ? Thank you for your help.
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