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  1. I made a post on here recently, you can check the posting history for details of dates, etc. The N-565 replacement is what costs over $500 so that's what I am referring to. Birth certificates do not cost $500 to replace. I already paid $600 for the N-400 (on top of many other fees throughout my life). I do have the passport (even the card) but feel so to say "naked" w/o the naturalization certificate. It just never made it back. Working on tracing it but it has been sent back and forth according to DOS, so basically it has fallen into the black hole. I literally applied for a passport the day after the Oath so I had it for less than a day. I have spent two decades in the States fighting this immigration system and this was the end of the journey, so I am a little bitter that this is how it had to end lol And you can get around sending the original, a few people above have commented (options include the in-person passport agency application and/or the certified copy).
  2. I never got my naturalization certificate back, so for your own piece of mind I recommend doing everything possible to avoid sending it off whether that be a certified copy or using a passport agency. I am now kicking myself for blindly trusting USPS with over $500.
  3. I thought about that but they haven't been too helpful in the past with other immigration issues, I guess it's worth a shot though. If anyone has any other out-of-the-box ideas, please do share.
  4. I pondered about this quite a bit myself and just thought of it as organizations that might somehow come up during some sort of background check, so I figured mostly anything that might have an SSN linked to it. The only thing that came to my mind for myself was my state's nursing board. Definitely don't think they are looking for zoos, Costco, etc. This wasn't even discussed during my interview but then again every case is different.
  5. On 1/16, I applied for a passport through USPS, sending off the original naturalization certificate, regular cheapest service (non-expedited). I got the passport on 1/30, so in just about two weeks! Naturalization certificate never made it back. I called DOS twice. First time was told that it was sent on 1/28 and to keep waiting a few more days, then I waited and called again - second time they took down my phone number and address and was told someone from the "passport agency" would call me back. Thought I was calling the passport agency but I guess not. Obviously no one has called me. Anywho, it didn't show up on USPS's informed delivery emails and it doesn't seem that these ever get tracking so... what are my options here? I have a feeling neither USPS, DOS, nor USCIS would care that this wasn't my fault so, does it really come down to me paying over $500 for a new one? I know I don't technically need it since I do have the passport but still, kinda want it back 🙄
  6. Applied for it 1/16, got it 1/30 - regular service (non-expedited). I would call, it's been more than 6 weeks since November.
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