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  1. I received the notification this morning regarding the production of the card! ❤️
  2. Totally! Yeah my worry is that I had proof of a miscarriage and I told him but he didn’t asked to see them.
  3. Yeah we answered everything correctly. I just hope he approves it soo so I can stop crying. Lol
  4. Thank you. I just want this wait to end already 😢. He said he didn’t need anything. Said the case was under review but didn’t give us a paper stating same.
  5. Thank you. I’m a nervous train right now. He kept our joint docs and photos and said that he doesn’t need anything else.
  6. I had my interview today and I’m still waiting for my update.
  7. I will submit a review later. But is it normal that the officer keeps some docs? Such as photos, bank statements.
  8. Totally agree. I’m still printing things lol. Just to make sure.
  9. Thank you. I think I am. I’m a hot mess to be honest.
  10. Reading this makes me nervous. My interview is tomorrow.
  11. Hello, i have my interview on August 15, 2019 in Newark. I am very excited ! Here’s what I have so far. - Bio docs ( nat certificate, passports, divorce degree, birth certificate with translation) - bank statements for the last three months, our separate account , our joint accounts and letters of our credit cards. He added me to his credit line because I have bad credit ( my husband is a DACA recipient) - dental insurance I get from his employer. - joint tax filling - photos (33 of them) - car insurance together - apartment lease - internet and light bills on his name (again I have bad credit - proof of pregnancy. I was 7 weeks pregnant and I lost the baby. I have sonogram and documentation from the hospital of my miscarriage. I was married before my husband with a horrible horrible man that I petition for from the Dominican Republic. He used me for the greencard and lie and he has a final restraining order against me (don’t want to talk about it). I reported to immigration that he used me for the greencard and sent letters. Would i I have a problem? Do I need more documentation? I love my husband so much and shouldn’t pay for my stupid mistake.
  12. I received this email on July 2nd and I’m still waiting for the notice. When should I expect it?
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