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  1. my site is no longer down for maintenece, still getting error. Oh well...
  2. "Sorry, we are unable to give you access to the Self Check service at this time because the third party identity assurance service was unable to generate enough information about you in order to create a quiz to confirm your identity. The information you provided has not been checked against U.S. government databases for employment eligibility." When I try self check I get this
  3. Talked to an attorney, and they told me just this! Great news as long as we're honest we have a very high chance of it not being a problem
  4. It says "valid with DHS authorization" which since she got hired we assumed that she was authorized, because if she wasn't we thought the employer wouldve denied her application. We have since then learned otherwise.
  5. We assumed that her employer did a check to see if she was eligible. I am not a foreign citizen and my employer did, so we just thought it was standard for employers to do so.
  6. Help, My wife came here on a k-1 visa and we applied for her green card shortly after getting married in the US. A couple of months after that we got in a financial pickle and my wife decided to look for jobs. She had received an SSN after we got married and we thought that she could get a job with that while we waited for her EAD (been 200+days and still waiting for that) and her green card. Long story short she got a job at the chiropractic office and everything was fine for 6 months. Just last month I stumbled upon a rule stating she technically isn't allowed to work with her type of SSN. We are freaking out because we are near the end of the green card process and most likely have an interview coming up. She quit her job as soon as we realized what she was doing was unlawful, but I fear that she had the job for much too long and that her green card application could be denied. Is there anything I can do?