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  1. Yay, I was waiting for you to post in the thread! Thank you for sharing your experience, this literally made me feel so much better about visiting. So you also petitioned from overseas (mentioned moving to Egypt)?
  2. Not to worry, I will finish before coming 😂 Thank you so much for the kind words! Same to you 😊 Finland is a VWP country too, I really hope that helps. That is a great idea! I do have an advisor of sorts, who approved my 'personal study plan', I will try to ask them for a letter too. Thank you so so much, it would not have crossed my mind ☺️ Wow, you've been waiting for long for NOA2! Which service center? Is it still inside normal processing times? True words, a lot of patience is needed in this process 😅
  3. Email, still waiting for the mailed receipt. About the stamps, that's a valid thing to consider. I wonder if photocopies of them are enough. I also need to think about the passport thing, mine will expire sometime in 2020 and as the process takes so long, I was wondering if I should renew it early. Do you know if USCIS has to be notified about a renewed passport? Having employment must help a lot, I've seen many posts about people getting through with a letter from a supervisor etc. My problem with tuition is that we do not have to pay for university studies in Finland, so I have very little to show for it. I might ask a professor to write me a letter and see if that's enough. I was even thinking of renting an apartment just to have more ties to show. We even called CBP and they said such a letter could show ties to Finland, but they cannot guarantee entry. Which I knew already, so probably will just go for it and hope for the best, after getting every possible slip of paper that might help.
  4. We were hoping for Potomac too, but luckily Texas is not the longest wait. I was just talking to someone about the processing times and they said 3-4 years ago it didn't take this long at all. I am stressing over the long wait, especially since my husband will probably not be able to visit me and I won't get any guarantees about visiting him, as they could deny entry. I am trying to figure out how to get enough proof of ties to Finland (currently a student, just moved in with a family member so no lease). I'd rather not fly across the Atlantic just to be turned away 😅Is anyone else planning visits? What are you going to do?
  5. Good to know it doesn't matter 😊 Haha wow, you got two texts! Which service center?
  6. Ooh! That's interesting! And I try to keep in mind that the processing times change, for example, TSC just updated the estimated processing times and it moved (for USC filing for a spouse) from being between 6.5 and 8 to 7 and 9. I hope next month and the months after they'll be picking up the pace... 😊 Yay!! ☺️ That's good news, I am happy for you! Yes, if it says SRC it is Texas!
  7. It could be interpreted that way as well 😁 They could be more specific, I think! I am already preparing for the next steps, we are currently reading about filing taxes and it is so frustrating. So many forms, so much mixed information, so many exceptions, and many things do not apply with a foreign spouse... After all the reading I've done, I feel like I should be on my way becoming an expert on immigration and taxation, yet I feel so confused and discouraged when I glimpse at the forms in the next stage. Well said! Feels exciting to get it, but the excitement quickly fades away when you realize you won't be hearing from them in a loooooong looong time I installed the case tracker app and played around for a while but realized it won't be too informative until we are getting closer to getting the NOA2.
  8. Yeah, it did say to clip the E-notification form to the front of the petition 🤔 Well, in any case, because you were charged it must mean you'll get the receipt one way or another. Probably have to wait for it to be mailed. Fingers crossed we will both get the mailed receipt next week! 😊
  9. I tried searching for a thread discussing the payment methods, but with little luck. I think my husband paid with a debit card and would be interesting to know if that makes any difference. It has been quiet over here! Has anyone got any updates?
  10. It should be soon! 😊 Ours was delivered last Thursday in the morning, so it took 3 business days to send us the notice. Or do they work over the weekends? 🤔 But in any case, it should be very very soon. Good luck to you too!
  11. I got excited to see so many other March filers, we are not alone in this 😊 I am happy for you, because like @JMPM said, it is the fastest at the moment. I find it very interesting things have changed so fast! Let us know what sort of changes you notice as we go along Good luck to you too!
  12. Oh really? I had no idea it depends on where you file. Nebraska has long processing times, right? I hope they pick up the pace. It must be really rewarding to be done with all that, I can't imagine how it must be like to do this more than once 😩 But it is worth all the hassle to be reunited 😊 Does ROC processing take long? Offtopic: I like your username, I am learning Spanish (bilingual husband) and got so happy when I saw a word I know!
  13. Yes, in that case, you should get it soon! In the e-mail, it says we will get the official receipt notice by mail in 7 to 10 days. We also noticed the withdrawal a bit before the e-mail came! So yes! I was hoping for Potomac Service Center seeing how fast they are processing petitions but I am happy we got the notice It must mean we did not make huge mistakes!
  14. Got it via e-mail! We filed in Chicago because we are filing from abroad Hopefully you'll hear back soon!
  15. We just got the receipt number and our case will be processed in Texas. Now we will wait
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