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  1. My post in no way was saying that you won’t get approved if you’re not dressed professionally. However in my fiancé’s case it certainly helped her to get in and out of there quickly. She arrived 9th in line and was the 1st called. That was my point.
  2. We we wanted to pass on a successful action that someone gave us. It could help you get your visa approve quickly. She he was told to dress professionally when she went to her interview at the consulate. Not to show up in jeans, T-shirts etc. She was told that she would be video recorded in the lobby while she waited and looked in on by the interviewers Well she showed up looking very nice and professional with a professional business jacket. She said that there were others who showed up in sandals, Mickey Mouse T-shirts and jeans. She wasn’t the first person to arrive and was actually number 9 on the list. However she was the first person called and her interview went well. She was approved for her K-1 visa and arrives to the USA in less than three weeks! We hope this helps you as well. Good luck!
  3. 10 years is hardy an age gap and there is nothing in writing about any age requirements.
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