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  1. Thanks for your helpful response, guys. Since I'm on vacation, I'll let go this stress off and go have a tour around a different country. My brother just got sad and he clearly understood the situation and accepted it. About the ucis.. I never intended to be an immigrant, sir Ash. Maybe if the consul have focused more on asking me about my job; why I picked it and what were my achievements academically and during my contract, then maybe he may have made a diff. decision. I love seafaring, meeting other people and knowing their diff. cultures plus tasting diff. food while working is quite awesome. Sitting inside an office and do the same work on a daily basis is boring for me. Again, Thank you guys!
  2. I would also like to add that I kind of messed up my form because my place of birth should be different from my home address(I noticed when I got home). Plus the fact that I said "yes" to a question that he asked; "is it true that you stayed for 9 months in the us?" I said yes(in which he corrected me urgently and said south America is not u.s.a. But in reply, I told him inside gulf of mexico so south central America and quickly said sorry.) but never said its just an estimation based in my 1 year contract. The last question was what were my siblings doing there? I said we have different mothers instead of saying they are already citizens and are working there.
  3. I just got denied today. I'm a seafarer with a canadian working visa and us c1 for crewmen visa. Problem is, I was just a deck cadet back then and in the next contract I will be an ordinary seaman. He asked how much will be my salary when I get onboard the next time around, I said probably around a thousand dollars, it varies(gave him the minimum / did not include over time and extra pay) He asked me to show him my left hand because I lost my pinky finger, so I did. I have my contract of employment prepared from my company but he never asked me for anything so I did not bother showing it. I have a little sister and a mother here(he didn't ask, so I didn't mention them). Thank you for the response, guys. If its really impossible then I'll follow your advices and just pray that he will have a long life.
  4. Hi, Blue form tells me I can re-apply only if there is a significant change of circumstances. I have not yet meet my half brother, he is disabled and he has a ventilator to breathe. I was not been given a chance to tell this to the consul nor show him medical records from his doctor. Should I reapply again with the same application? He's my only brother and life is short.
  5. Just got a blue paper saying denial 214(b). I believe in the phrase "less talk less mistakes." Hoping for him to ask follow up questions but no, he didn't. Nothing else I could do. 😢
  6. Hello! I just want to ask how many days do they usually transfer data from my old account to the new one? Actually the old one was not mine, it belongs to my company.
  7. Hi guys! I'm a seafarer and I already have a c1 crewmen visa. I also visited the U.S a few times as a seaman. I would like to go and visit my half sisters and brother(us citizens) who are living there. And I am planning to stay within one of their houses. I want to ask; what supporting documents should I bring to help me pass the application? Do I need to get a bank statement or statement of account or maybe a letter from my agency(sea service)? Or do I just need a letter of support or letter of invitation from one of my sisters or brother? Thanks, Jayson
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