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  1. Do I sign and submit DS 160 online application before the embassy will send P3? Please advise

    1. Mz__D


      Naah just fill it n go thru it like a 1000 times n make sure errfn is in check n keep till u hear from them,as soon as u hear from them knowing errfn is in check u submit it

    2. Kofi_Law


      Okay thank you very much.

    3. Kofi_Law


      I pray I will get the P3 soon. We have waited for so long. My fiance is really having a hard time with our 3 months old baby. I have been so worried since our petition is expired and we still didn't get p3. I was thinking of scheduling my interview anyway BUT I don't know if it's advisable to do that now. 

  2. I’m pretty much sure it’s been sent to ur fiancé or something, it happened to me, just pls let her check her mails, p3 always goes to the petitioner
  3. Ask your fiancé to be checking her mail constantly, cuz the p3 is sent to the petitioner and not the beneficiary and if ur fiancé is the type that deletes mails, she might want to follow up on that if she’s still not received wait till like day 3.5 months and start filling ur ds 160 n stuff n if at the end of it all u don’t hear from them maybe u think bout booking ur appointment, it almost u waited for 5 months
  4. Then you can call the agents,but just expect it any moment from now so you can start your Ds 160
  5. Pls just keep waiting till like 5mths if u don’t hear from them then you can schedule or sth
  6. Oh okay,thanks much for this clarity,u prolly right so wil start the countdown
  7. Like ever since I started checking,one week after interview
  8. Oh okay thanks much,hopefully I get mine too
  9. Thanks so much for your help So in all how long would you say the waiting lasted?
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