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  1. I applied in February and only got my acceptance 2 weeks ago. There are a few from the time I submitted who are still waiting, I believe you're still in time. Try not to stress
  2. That's what I thought, thank you very much! He may not even have to go, but I wanted to ask just in case.. but even if he has to go, the difference in the rent will probably pay for the plane ticket anyway 😄
  3. Does anyone know how easy/difficult/horrible an idea it would be to have to switch the intended embassy for the interview at this stage? My Beneficiary may have to unexpectedly travel to another country(South America-not sure the country- from Norway) for a few months for his current job. Does anyone know how the process would change or become more complicated if his address changed to a country pretty far from his current one?
  4. I want to say thank you to all of my February k-1 friends who have been giving support and help to all of us through this leg of the journey. I feel humbled after feeling so down to have received my NOA2 today, dated May 29. Neither the old website, nor the new website has updated for me, so if it hasn't for you that doesn't mean it's not in the mail. I hope that this is the beginning of another week of acceptances, and lighter hearts! Is there a June 2019 NOA2 > NVC thread?
  5. I'm also still waiting, we wait together! When I get anxious about it, or the patience runs low I try to think about what my original date was when I signed up for this site in February was, and I'm trying to base my expectations on that. "You can freak out a month from now", is kind of my mantra for this waiting stuff... I'd actually even prefer a harder, more in-depth process on my end than all of the waiting. 😔
  6. It won't cause a problem that you put that, and the reason they do it in Stockholm is because the embassy in Norway doesn't process any k-1 visas. Super good luck to you! We are anxiously waiting for our NOA2!
  7. Depending on the airlines, you can view your old boarding passes still if you have a login, or be sure to check your emails!
  8. Even if you didn't have to worry about your mother and ever think about doing it the other way, the income requirement for immigrating to Norway is even more than the income requirement to bring them here, and there's no system for joint sponsorship there. Joint sponsors don't have to be family or people you live with, although it helps. What sort of job did you do before taking care of your mother? Perhaps there's a way that you can remote-work using those skills to be able to take care of your mother and make something. Who cares for your mother when you're doing your trips, or is your person the one who always comes here?
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