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  1. Guys, What is the thread for cc to interview forum.
  2. Thank you. First on Jan 27th Second amendment on scan copy to vertical: Feb 12 Third: Birth certificate: Feb 27 CC: March 13th Hope this helps you "nicedamsel".
  3. Received case complete email today. Thank you all for all the help, suggestions, advice you have offered me during this process. I wish you all gud luck and hope yours case completes faster than mine.
  4. Thank you AftM89. cause I was still confused. These people trick you to your best.
  5. Guys, Apparently, NVC checked my documents today and it says in the ceac account- all the documents are checked and approved. In the mail body it says "documentary satisfied". Does that mean it is cc or there is going to be more rfe? I still haven't received cc email though.
  6. nope! just that I need to burn few more weeks. SMH
  7. Something I realized based on my experience is they are there not to help us but to find ways to lengthen the process or give us hard time. last time I called I was straight up to them. I said you guys basically sucks and you wouldn't be doing if it was your family." I just had it. I complained with our congressman too. not that they can do anything for our case but at least they know in law making process.
  8. I am sure you have but just to make sure, Have you tried calling IT?
  9. i got msg saying "Please replace this document with the original language document and a certified English translation." but all documents were in english and all documents are accepted. what it means?????????????????????
  10. re-submitted on 12th feb, still waiting.
  11. mine was re-submittd in 12th, still waiting.