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  1. Hi I am going through the same thing. Can you please let me know any updates with your case and if it was sent back to NVC?

    Thank you so much

  2. will keep praying for our case, dont loose hope, everything is controlled by God too, it happens for He has a purpose, so keep fighting and pray pray pray 😇😍😍😍
  3. hi, same case here, they sent ours jan. 30, and my fiancee called them one a week, one of the representative told my fiance that usually if the nvc return the petition to usics iy takes 90 days or less,
  4. yay..bisaya pud ko, from gensan Salamat jud kaayo sa info, dakong tabang ni sa amoa
  5. oh ok, thanks for this information TandsaraJane, i will just have to wait 3-6 weeks then, and if still the same i will do the call at the nvc, i thought they dont give information why's becasue the representative told me earlier he dont know why it turned back.,thank you for this, atleast i have an idea where to call. God bless you TandaSaraJane.
  6. oh i see that? may i ask how long it will take for us to have an NOA2 again? the laywer seems that she dont know about it because she just get mad to my fiancee for asking question, its weird because she is supposed to enlighten us and tell us what's going on, she doesnt even know that we got our noa2 and mcn if we did not tell her
  7. hi thanks for responding, its actually our first time applying a k-1, no issues, we dont have k-1 before., i dont have any application before as well my fiance., i keep tracking my case and it says Still At NVC, i just call the nvc ealier morning here in the philippines and the representative told me that my case was returned at USICS, and i dont have a clue why, and then the weird thing is that the nvc send a letter to my fiance on feb 12 that says they dont have yet recieved the approval notice from the usics regarding our case, its kinda bother me because why do they gave us mcn and then suddenly return our case to the usics?
  8. hi and a blessed day everyone. please enlighten me, my fiance and i agreed for a lawyer's help but sad to say she is not a responsible one, here' s what happend. we got approved on jan 04,2019, then we wait our mcn, after 10 working days my fiance called the nvc for our manila case number and they give it to us jan. 22,2019, the problem is still our case says AT NVC, i called the nvc for the update and tgey said that our case returned on jan, 30 2019, and they said that we should call the usics for the update, so my fiance called the usics twice since then and they keep telling us that they havent recieved our case, so since they return our case on jan. 30 and its 2 weeks now, my question is 1.what is the possible reasons why they return it to usics? , 2. and how long it will take before the uscis recieved it? please help me understand here. thank you for the answers and may the sweet Lord bless you.😇
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