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  1. I NEVER SAID SHE IS AFRAID OF BEING HACKED BY THE U.S GOVERNMENT. She does not trust the internet in general in HER COUNTRY. DS-160 are done outside of the U.S unless the U.S sponsor does it on their behalf, am I wrong? You are all looking at it from perspective of Americans, where we in America are fortunate to have robust IT infrastructure and information security is for the most part a non-issue (there are exceptions, big ones; Wikileaks, Facebook data analytics etc.) I think most of us are savvy enough to not fall for a Nigerian oil heir scam. The circumstances are not the same IN HER COUNTRY. This process is stressful as is, not knowing English during a process that is mostly done in English is stressful, being long distance from your significant other is stressful. Having to give instructions over the phone/video call is stressful. Does all this cause people to overthink things? Certainly. If your journey was smooth and problem free with your significant other, and they could already speak English thus making the process easier, hats off to you.
  2. Wow man it took a really long time from NOA1 to NOA2 for you. Anyways I see on your timeline the interview was 2 weeks ago, how did it go?
  3. I don't disagree. My take is, if the purpose of the social media accounts is for evidence of relationship I think I provided way more substantial evidence in the I-129F, I overloaded that with evidence.
  4. Facetime, imessage (both of those tied to a phone number, the same number provided in I-129F and DS-160), and have taken many trips to visit.
  5. I did below 11b. Unit#, Village name 11c. left blank 11d. Vientiane 11e. left blank 11f. N/A 11g. N/A 11h. 01030 11i. Laos No issue, NOA2 in 3 months.
  6. Looks like you 2 were lucky and were able to schedule an early interview in Vientiane. I completed DS-160 on July 23 and no appointments were available in Vientiane until December. Btw please update on the result, where is she now?
  7. E-mail is not commonly used in her country, seems almost everything is done through Whatsapp, IT infrastructure overall is severely lacking compared to surrounding countries. The email used in DS-160 is one I had created for her, for me to monitor.
  8. Thanks, reason I ask is because fiancee does not speak English well, and would mostly likely stumble on her words from sheer nervousness when asked a question by the customs agent.
  9. Maybe trivial, but related to this topic question, there is usually 2 lines at POE: 1 for US passport holders and the other for non-US passport holders. Would the beneficiary be able to come in US Passport holder line with me? Do we have to go in separate lines?
  10. Sorry for replying to old thread, agree with this, needs less strict edit options.
  11. If I recall, the social media information was not mandatory, and not mandatory field in the profile on CGI website.
  12. She doesn't have an issue with divulging that information at interview, did not want to provide it online.
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