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  1. If he did it like I did, it's fine. The way the dates are set is day/month/year, so 11/6/2019 and 12/6/2019 in this instance is the 11th and 12th of June.
  2. It can also be thinking out loud. If you are asking a question using English, you end it with a question mark (which looks like this ?) not a period. You have been helpful to myself and others, but your responses, in general, often have quite a bit of snark to them. If you want to help, help, no need to inject attitude into it unless you want to get the same reaction in kind. If it is too much trouble for you to answer a question, then don't.
  3. I was just thinking outloud, it wasn't a question, otherwise it would have a ? at the end of it. I have looked a little, but as I'm working, I don't have time to search deep at the moment, I was just sharing that I had the information. But, for your information, I have looked at the website, I do have a copy of the instructions. You don't have to reply to everyone like it's your job greenbaum, especially if you are going to be a bit of a ####### about it.
  4. Called this morning, they said they had received the case today but that it hadn't gotten a case file ID yet, but that's progress. I wonder if once I have the number my fiancee can start scheduling medical and interview in Vietnam.
  5. Thank you for the post. I had no intention of using those photos as evidence of relationship, we have plenty of pictures and I will be there in a month and plan on taking quite a bit more. I was already 99.9% sure that this was a no-go, but just wanted to confirm my suspicion. I've already made it clear to her that we cannot do anything like that, even if there's no gov't official documentation. Just don't want to risk it.
  6. This is what I assumed, but I wanted to double check it. I am fine with an engagement party and I have expressed that to my fiancee that it can in no way be anything official, like a marriage ceremony, exchanging vows, signing documents, etc. She's from a small village and they just wanted a party with family members.
  7. I have, what I think is, a bit of an interesting question. My fiancee is in Vietnam and the family would like to have some type of party or ceremony there. I know that anything official before approval is a big no-no, and would then require a marriage visa, but what about something done AFTER the interview and approval? Can something like this be done in Vietnam, either officially or unofficially, or do we 100% have to marry in the US first. I would think an unofficial party would be fine anytime, as long as we don't actually get married, and photos aren't shared, but what about after approval? I apologize if this has been asked before and I missed it.
  8. I am curious though, your post stated that the shipment is going out May 14th, but the doc that Greenbaum posted stated below. Which is correct?
  9. Not glossed over, but if an Employer salary letter, pay stubs, 3 years of tax transcripts and W2s of a 6 figure salary aren't enough, especially when the consulate is really only asking for tax transcripts and W2's, then yeah, I'm in trouble. Everything else I've seen seems to indicate if your salary is high enough other assets don't need to be considered.
  10. W2's are easy enough to include. Thank you again for your help
  11. Thank you for the information. Yes, I knew there was more than just the I-134 and tax, I just was just specifically looking for info on what I needed to include with the I-134. I have seen that some required letters from the bank, employer, etc. I just wanted to confirm that I only needed the tax transcripts for this individual part, which based off of what you linked, is all that is required. "Evidence of Support (Form I-134): The petitioner may complete an original signed Form I-134, Affidavit of Support for the principal applicant and one copy for each eligible travelling applicant. This form is also available at: www.uscis.gov/i-134. A photocopy of the petitioner’s IRS transcript or most recent U.S. federal income tax return, and any relevant W-2s, must be included."
  12. Hello everyone, I had an email this morning that my NOA2 was approved yesterday. Now that I'm on the next step, should I go ahead and get documents together for the I-134? I may have totally misread it, but it seems like for Vietnam I would only need tax transcripts, is that accurate? Thanks in advance and good luck to everyone.
  13. Good morning everyone. I woke up today to an email letting me know that an action had been taken. Upon logging onto the site, I see that it has been approved! I submitted the paperwork on 02/19/19 and NOA1 on 02/25/19, so this came much earlier than I was expecting. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. Good luck to everyone else!
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