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  1. Your SO opted to get it delivered to her residence hence the delivery fee by 2go. If she went to pick it up it would have been free other than the transportation fee.
  2. Under guidance of the chinese. REFUSING to acknowledge western vaccines to make a stronger case for chinese vaccine supremacy. chinese overlords would be pissed off. sad actually. Its rediculous b/c the same pfizer, moderna, and AZ also are available in PH to some extent.
  3. 1. December 16, 2020: Documentarily Qualified March 20, 2021: Sent EXPEDITE REQUEST email April 05, 2021: Expedite Request Accepted April 30, 2021: Received expedite email letter and Interview date provided from USEM 2. None. 3. See No.1.
  4. Congrats! Do you know to what extent the US Embassy in MNL functioning? My Wife is waiting for her Interview date.
  5. How soon after did you hear from the Embassy for the interview date after you were DQ'd ?
  6. Congrats! We were DQ also around the same time frame of yours and waiting for the interview date. HOw did you get your expedite?
  7. Not sure if applicable anymore, but the EVA Airlines from MNL to IAH (Houston) is a pretty good option. IVE taken this route for the past several years now..transits through TPE/Taiwan.
  8. That's interesting. Can you elaborate more about how that happened? Questions asked? any interview info would be interesting. Thanks!
  9. How long are the IV fees being processed at this time? THe AOS fee processed quickly but the IV fee is taking a bit longer/in progress still. Thanks guys.
  10. I got through in 5 mins or less calling around 11:30pm eastern time. No one calls then.
  11. Was it for both Fees? My AOS processed quickly - 3-4 days. But i'm waiting for the IV fee for a week now.
  12. Is it fine to "Submit" the AOS portion before even the IV portion payment is still "IN PROCESS"? Or should i have waited to submit both AOS and IV parts around the same time frame?
  13. Hey Guys, got my Case number and just paid my AOS fee. Waiting to for payment to process but working on gathering the fun financial stuff. Will be submitting 2017-2019 tax returns instead of the tax transcript due to IRS not able to obtain it. Question to you guys for those who are turning in tax returns, other than the 1040s and w2's, as part of the tax return part would you include the following worksheets/papers that was part of the submittal: "Tax History Report" Qualified Dividend and Capital Gains Tax Worksheet Tax Payment Worksheet Federal Carryover Worksheet All 4 bullets above Say " Keep for your records" but wasn't necessarily submitted to the IRS with the tax return. Thanks!
  14. Yeah me too. I am in the same situation as well. Couldn't request transcript online b/c of the cell phone number/name and they're not taking mail applications. I think i have to do what youre doing also. Just commenting for my reference. Good luck.
  15. I added my wife to my health insurance plan for 2020 with the assumption she would be here this year (crosses fingers) and as part of the immigration requirements. Additionally, she can use my insurance in the Philippines as well which is good too just in case. WHen the time comes, i will have the print out of my flex benefits with my spouse's name on it.
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