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  1. Okay, I see. Thanks for the information - I'll certainly take it on board.
  2. Sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear - I wouldn't be trying a b1 in lieu of a h1b in a month or two (if ever again at all) but I meant just a b1 for a (very) short trip incase I'm required for a meeting in the US (as I'm doing the majority of the work for another US based client too). Additionally, as mentioned I said a minimum of 1-2 months, in reality it would probably be 3-4+, maybe longer depending on what I can find out & once I've spoken to a lawyer.
  3. Yeah, that's exactly the problem really. I don't think people who're new to visas (my company/CEO are new to it all) understand the scope of the complexity involved with stuff like this. But as a startup company, I can see how they've ended up this way. Time to talk to a lawyer and get things done properly and thoroughly.
  4. I agree. I will be using my rejection to raise these sorts of discussions with my company.
  5. I did not say anywhere that I was going to do any kind of work as a tourist - I said that I would like to visit the US in the future as a tourist. I also said that I may need to go and have meetings with clients in the US on a very short business trip at some point, for which a B1 visa is totally valid for and is the purpose of the visa.
  6. Thanks. Yes, I agree, they have spoken to a lawyer in the past but it's time to speak to one again. Having said that, my colleague is out there on this visa (as advised by a lawyer) with no problem, so he certainly has appropriate authorisation.
  7. Thank you. Basically, we built an application for a very well known fast food restaurant, which the client trialled out in 35 stores on the west coast - the trial was successful & they now want to roll out our application across over 1000 stores in the southern California area. A critical part of our application is for the ability for users to connect to Wifi in store, so we have to install wifi access points (physically in store) & configure all of the settings for each store - which is an incredibly technical process. We also have to meet very senior members of Subway staff in person to discuss and review the project (yes, we can do meetings over the phone but with an 8 hour time difference and very rigid deadlines/timeframes, there is only really an hour or two of overlap in a day so it makes everything much more difficult and slower). It's part of our contract for us to have a US presence (this was the clients requirement & was signed before I was in the company) - this is largely so that we can provide support with technical issues, so that someone can actively work on resolving issues on the application within the same time zone as the application is being used in. On here I can certainly word what I said in my interview much better, but I basically told them that I needed to physically visit the stores in person to install the wifi access points, time zone issues & that we needed to have meetings with the clients.
  8. Yeah, I will not apply again immediately (or probably not for at least a month or two minimum) We do have a presence, it's kind of like a satellite office I suppose, we are based in our clients office, so that's where the work would be done. Additionally, lots of the work required us to visit many (over 1000) of the clients restaurants (they are a fast food chain) to install wifi access points, which is a critical part of the application that we built for them
  9. I was unfortunately rejected for a b1 in lieu of a h1 yesterday - https://fam.state.gov/fam/09fam/09fam040202.html#M402_2_5_F Looking back, I was not really prepared for the sorts of questions that I answered and got quite a grilling & it was hard to answer under that kind of pressure. Basically, I applied for a 6 month visa to work on a software project for a US based client - I was asked why I had to do it from the US, and what I would be doing exactly, and how I would know when the project would be finished - I did give answers, but they were not thorough enough (and this is partly because software projects tend to be unpredictable in terms of deadlines, priorities etc). As hard to accept as it was, I understand the decision they made. Luckily my company has one other member of staff out there who can work on this project, but we will be quite constrained without me there. As well as our client that i have mentioned above, we also have another client in another part of the US (who also require for us to have a presence in the US) who we are beginning to work with & I, along with my colleague in the US, are doing the majority of the work for - and I was due to meet them in person to discuss and plan the project - I'm not sure what can be done about this now - would it be suitable to apply for a regular B1 for this (if eligible, I probably wouldn't apply for one for at least another few weeks & it would probably be a very short trip - 1 week maximum, if that, and it would be purely to meet & not do any productive work)? When I was rejected, the lady did say that I was welcome to apply for another visa - however, as we do not have an entity in the US yet, the b1 in lieu of a h1 is the only one available to us that would allow us to do productive work in the US. I'm not sure if I should try and apply for this in the future again either. I am not really sure where I stand at the moment, I love the US & like to travel there once or twice a year for tourism, but I understand that my esta will be invalidated now - if I wanted to visit for tourism, would I have to apply for a b1/b2 tourist visa? I'm not planning on visiting for tourism any time soon, but I would like to know for peace of mind. Thank you
  10. Not sure what would be considered substantial savings but I have about 6k. No, he was not asked to show any during his interview, not sure if he said something in his DS-160 about ties to home though.
  11. Thanks. Not very long, only a few weeks. However, he is 10 years older than me, has kids, a house etc so has more tangible ties to home.
  12. B1 in lieu of a H1 is not the same as a B1.
  13. No guys, this is for a b-1 in lieu of a H1, it is not the same as a B-1 - see: https://fam.state.gov/fam/09fam/09fam040202.html#M402_2_5_F - you are allowed to do work on a B-1 in lieu of a H1. My colleague is currently in the US on one.
  14. Hi all, My company is applying for a 'B1 in lieu of a H1' visa for me to work in the US on a short term project. However, I am a little concerned about what I can provide as proof for me returning home. Although I will return home, I don't feel as though I have a lot to actually prove that. I can provide a letter from my company to state my duties & that I will be returning home/will be required by the company for work back in the UK, I can provide proof of address (however - I live with my parents) and possibly mention something about looking after my grandma who has alzheimers from time to time. Additionally, I was previously on a J-1 visa - I am actually going to include my DS-2019 in my B-1 application because I need to prove that I'm not subject to the two year stay at home rule. I'm hoping that they will also look at this favourably as it shows that I've previously lived in the US & have indeed returned home when the visa expired in the past. I'm also fairly young and single, from the UK. Aside from what I've mentioned, I'm not sure what else I can possibly provide - does anyone have any advice? Thanks.
  15. As mentioned, it's not 'work' that I am doing, but meeting with clients & some training with a more senior member of staff that was sent out here. I checked very thoroughly that what I was doing was legal before coming out.
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