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  1. I cant put her on mine unfortunatly because I get free medical thru the veterans hospital so I need to find a shirt term health plan to cover her till we get her permanent residency card
  2. o not sure if this is right forum got my fiancee her k1 Visa and she comes up here on Feb 9 yeah so excited but can anyone give me an idea if how to get her temp health insurance till we get residency she is also pregnant which is so amazing as well
  3. so we got the visa my question is she is from Haiti but lives in domican Republican she use the passport to visit her family in Haiti before I bring her here or will it affect the visa
  4. quick question got the email saying passport is ready for pickup but it doesnt say wether we were approved or not is tha normal
  5. so my fiancee heard from someone she knows that when I bring her home I have to get a return plane ticket for her I dont understand why I would need to do that the whole purpose of the visa is to bring her to united states so we can get married
  6. so we had our interview and passed but missing papers from haiti when we get them we turn in and get visa but haiti is in civil unrest and cant get papers right now just found out we are pregnant what happens if we cant get the visa before baby is born and our baby is born in Dominican republic what will I have to do then
  7. that's what I thought but I was hoping that since we allready had the interview that would change things
  8. so I have a question my fiancee is from haiti and our interview was in dominican republic we passed interview but were missing her birth certificate and her police report from haiti due to haiti being locked down the company we hired to get us these papers cant get them right now due to everything being shut down my question is this if it takes too long will she need to take another medical exam remember i was told that once we have the papers to turn them in with her passport and we will get the visa anyone have any ideas
  9. I'm confused my fiancee recieved a letter from nvc saying that application has been sent to embassy in sSanto domingo she needs a letter to get her police report from haiti does this letter come from embassy after we fill out the ds160 form or will the letter from nvc work please help
  10. so ou application got approved went to Nvc then on to embassy we didnt receive any mail from Nvc about them receiving then sending off do they just do email also my fiancee cant puck up police reports without a letter from the embassy will we receive mail from embassy so she can show police to get records and will all that happen before we fill out any other forms she has to travel back to Haiti for her records she lives in dominican republic I'm just confused
  11. I sent packet in almost 3 months ago I'm going down to visit my fiance in Dominican republic I was wondering if we do get pregnant would it affect the interview process if and when it happens
  12. what size pictures are best for evidence of us being together I had read that 5x7 were it but not sure
  13. my fiancee wants to know how long after we get married can we expect her to get residency and be able to work she doesnt want to sit around the house lol
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