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  1. How many of you are still in Administrative Processing? My son-in-law received a blue slip 221g Administrative Processing at his interview date on 11/15/2018 and still have not received any solid information only that its still in process. It updates occasionally but no information at all. He is in desperate need to come home since his children have been placed in the CPS system due to my daughter having mental illness issues. He was served court papers to Mexico but he still has not received them to attend the hearing but is not able to get info on what to do to atleast get a temp visa to attend and find out what's going on. Any suggestions?
  2. Hello- just read that your husband has been on AP since Dec 18, 2018.  My son in law has been in AP since 11/15/2018 for something similar as your husband's case.  The only thing is that they didn't tell him he needed to provide any information.  (He was detained by ICE and was accused of being a "gang member" and that supposedly it sates that he agreed he was, which he did not and is not) but he has NO previous criminal record of anything.  All they said was that they had to review his case further. Have you heard of any update? Last case status shows to be on March 19. 

  3. My son in law had his interview on Nov 16, 2018 in Ciudad Juarez and was given a blue slip for administrative processing. The reason they said was due to a prior accusation from an ICE officer stating that he was a gang member that was showing up on their system. He has no previous convictions or any type of criminal record, not even traffic violations or any tattoos and was only profiled at the time the officer detained him. He was at a gas station on Spring Break from College in GA when he was called out from the officer. He was engaged to my daughter at the time and because of that and thousands of money later, a judge dismissed the case with a large cash bond and allowed him to remain in the country while he marries my daughter and she petitions for him. This took years to clear up (since 2010) when he finally got the approval and was at the end of the process with the final interview but is now on hold and he is away from my daughter and their 2 kids. They recently purchased a home last year and were renovating it. He is the only provider as my daughter does not work and is currently suffering from mental illness and depression due to all of this. Just wanted to see if anyone else has gone through this and how long did it take for the nightmare to be over.
  4. have you heard anything yet? My son in law went for interview in Juarez on 11/16/18 and was given a blue slip and is currently still on administrative processing. its been updated several times but no change
  5. hello- what was the reason for the 221g Administrative Processing? My son-in-law went to Juarez for his last interview and was given a blue slip 221g administrative processing. For him was a supposedly accusation from ICE on file as a gang member which was dismissed by a judge as he has NO kind of criminal history not even any kind of traffic violation. Just wondering if you had to call someone to speed process. My daughter is having a mental breakdown especially since he was the only provider and she just had a baby 2 months before he left.
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