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  1. Nice congrats ! Remember to take a black pen to oath ceremony - the naturalization certificate needs to be signed with 'black' pen - just like new credit card..
  2. nice congrats !! I just realized that i hadn't signed the certificate of naturalization.. not sure if that is a blocking thing for issuing the passport. they asked it to be signed in black - i had only blue and once i got into the passport application room, forgot to do this in all that mela..
  3. My oath ceremony today at Campbell went thusly: Ceremony time was at 8:30am, i reached there at 8:20. Decent amount of parking was available - may be because this is the first batch... later batches it may be hard - since ppl. from earlier batches may be hanging around to celebrate etc. There were two queues - one super long one for oath takers and another for guests. Guest seating is limited they kept warning that guests may be denied entrance. At 8:40? they opened the doors and started letting ppl. in - it took a while for me to get to the door. people came late than 8:30 as well since queue behind was quite handful too. At door entrance they check whether you have filled the back of the interview letter - and then they gave me a package - and told me to go to section 4 - i think they sort ppl. by last name - not sure. Once inside the hall - just before assigning me a seat, they took my GC and the interview letter. They called out each of the countries ppl. are coming from.. quite a list - 57 countries. Shortly oath was administered, pledge of allegiance to the flag, and then for the ppl. who are applying the passport - pledge that they have told the truth in their application. Passport officer will tell details of how to apply for passport - just in case - the acceptable form of payment is check/money order only - payable to 'US Department of State'. Then two videos were played - one by the president and another 'America the beautiful'. And vote of thanks. And while the guests are leaving, they hand out the certificate of naturalization - check everything looks good on it - if not go and get it corrected. I headed out of the theatre and to the hall to apply for passport - while standing in the queue - filled out voter registration. If you have pre-printed the passport application - u can ask them to 'stamp it' to indicate that the application was submitted at the oath ceremony and hten u put four items into a grey package: 1. passport application (two separate pages is preferred - i had printed it back2back - it was accepted anyways) 2. naturalization certificate (u have to give it up so soon) - they will return it by mail before/after your passport 3. One passport photograph 4. Check for the requested service -express etc.. it was quite chaotic - so no-one checked the application or anything. I paid $281.xx asking for expedited service - there is another way to speed up the passport application process by going to the passport office and showing proof of impending travel etc.. There was no SSN ppl here - so have to do that later - after i get the passport/certification back. Walked out all done by ~9:55am. If i wasn't applying for passport - could have gotten out at ~9:30 Good luck you all !
  4. my best guess for this situation is: You will get the Naturalization Certificate during the Oath Ceremony - since u give up your green card .. Move to the new place, apply for a Drivers License, and then apply for the passport. Also i think to apply to US passport, u have to send the ORIGINAL Naturlization Certificate (which will be returned by POST). I would not bank on the mail forwarding to receive the us passport and/or the Naturalization Certificate.. Just my 2cents - no actual experience with this or anything..
  5. Nice. Congrats @Frdk very likely you will get Apr 18th for oath ceremony !! Good luck Amador for tomorrow !
  6. @nikha are you applying for expedited ? I want to apply for it - not sure if i should show confirmed tickets or booking...
  7. Relax amador. It is going to be ok. just go over n400 and be clear and honest about everything u have on n400 - u have already passed many checks like fbi checks etc - so relax.
  8. Strange - the N400 Q.44 (page 16) clearly states: "Are you a male who lived in the US at any time between your 18th and 26th birthdays ? Y or N (This does not include living in the US as a lawful nonimmigrant)". So your answer is N (since F1 is a lawful non-immigrant visa)... It happened to me on another thing - i was picked on similar thing - traffic citation - even though n-400 says don't include if it doesn't involve arrest or drugs or the fines greater than $500.. my immigration officer asked and modified n400 form to reflect my speeding ticket from 3 or 4 yrs ago.. which didn't meet the criteria..
  9. Congrats @nikha most likely you will have oath ceremony apr 18 - like i do. Very detailed summary of events (including two left turns and a right 😉 likely you will get the date of the oath letter sometime next week. I had my interview on a tuesday and a week later got the oath date letter.
  10. Does anyone know what docs are needed for applying for US Passport at the oath ceremony in Campbell.. ? I want to apply for expedited processing - are there extra docs needed to be shown (like proof of upcoming travel??). Thx
  11. Thanks for sharing ! Congrats ! How long before the appt do i need to get there and how long does it take to be all done (assuming i want to apply for passport and SSN record update etc).
  12. My appt was at 2pm. Went to the USCIS office at 1:10pm - after security check, guards said to wait in the waiting room to the right until 1:30 and then checkin at the counter (past the security check). 1:31pm - i checked in at the counter - they check your appt letter and Drivers License and stamp your appt letter and give you a token (with a number - mine was J81). The date on the stamp was incorrect - it read 'Mar 22' - i enquired - they said it is ok they know the problem - but that is not an issue. i left my phone in the car. At the time they were calling J70. Waited till 2:45pm before they called my number. Imm Officer walked me to her office. And asked me to raise my right hand and pledge that i will tell the truth. She asked me to take a seat and asked for my Green Card, Photo ID and Passports. I gave them to her. I had current passports and 2 expired passports. She took the current and the one immediately prior. She took a photograph with her webcam, finger prints (left index and then right index only). She asked my fullname, date of birth, country of origin, residence address, height, and few other details for confirmation. Then she asked me questions about travel dates, traveled countries, marital status (single and no children) etc - verifying the info on N-400 form. She asked any arrests, citations etc. I told no - except that i had gotten a speeding ticket sometime - she needed a date - any rough date - i guessed a date and she asked if have paid the fees - i said yes. She said all citations need to be reported - even though N400 form says to include ones if it includes arrest or drug related. She asked if i had any taxes due. I said No. She skimmed through the passport pages to double check the travel. She returned all the green card and passports. Then a series of questions about whether you have committed a crime and escaped, have you hurt any one, etc.. you keep saying NO to all. And then ended by asking - 'do you pledge allegiance to this country?' be a bit slow and answer each question deliberately - so you will know when you have to switch to a yes. She asked will i bear arms - i said i will for this country. Then asked a few more yes questions - obvious ones (don't remember specifics). After that she said i have acknowledge the edits to the n-400 - she added in the speeding ticket. I acked and signed on the ipad. Another acknowledgment we should sign is the pledge of allegiance - on the ipad. Then the test - she asked me to read the sentence on the ipad. The sentence was a question i thought i should answer that question - it was something like "What do we pay to the government ... ?" i read it out loud and was trying to comprehend the answer - she said she does not need the answer. She asked me to write on the pad the answer "We pay taxes." I wrote it on the ipad. Then she asked these history questions - i got all right: What is the supreme law of the land? What is the name of the President of the United States now? What is the name of the Vice President of the United States now? Name the U.S. war between the North and the South. During the Cold War, what was the main concern of the United States? What ocean is on the West Coast of the United States? then she printed out my passing letter and gave me a copy and added the copy on my file - my file was really big fat one. She said you are approved for oath ceremony would be in about a month. She walked me out to the door to the waiting hall - I left the office at 3:10. Interview lasted about 20mins.
  13. @Amador you can see everyone's interview appt etc on the google spreadsheet. Today morning, i searched around and located all of my past expired passports as i get ready for my interview on Mar 12 - Phew i was able to locate them all..
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