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  1. Tati888

    Haiti K1 Visa Applicants

    I tottaly agree with you , I feel like there's no change unless U.S or another country pran kontrol .majorite Politisyen nan peyi a c poche yo ya defann .
  2. Tati888

    Haiti K1 Visa Applicants

    Thanks , I will call them .
  3. Tati888

    Haiti K1 Visa Applicants

    Hello everyone , I've been following this thread for a while now and I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for the tips , It helps alot . from what I'm hearing , things are not going well in Haiti.My case is in Transit since Friday until now . I completed the ds160 ,created profile at Ustraveldocs Saturday. Print the slip to pay visa this morning but my fiance cant go anywhere because of the chaos and we have until Friday to pay for the visa . does anyone know, just in case if the date expires can we print out a new slip to pay for visa?