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  1. Hi everyone, I started my Ph.D. studies in the U.S. in 2016. Currently, I'm holding an F1 student visa that expires in 2021. My partner is a U.S. citizen who I meet on campus, and we're planning to get married in July 2019. Before the wedding ceremony in the US, I will have a trip to the U.K. for a conference (May 2019) and I expect to travel more internationally during this year for academic purposes. Since I would like to stay in the U.S. after my Ph.D. and apply for a PR, I had some questions that could help us to better plan our next steps: 1.- Are there any problems if I get married within 90 days of returning to the U.S. from international travels? 2.- After I get married, Am I allowed to travel overseas with my F1 student visa before applying for an AOS? The International Office of my university was not clear about this. 3.- Can I apply for an AOS at any time during? Or should I do it as soon as I get married? As I'm reading other threads, I believe that I should apply for PR after I get married (July~August 2019) in order to continue traveling overseas. I'd appreciate your advice and answers! Thanks for your help