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  1. Also apologies for the double question when filling in the next section (part 7). Are we able to use UK assets, i.e. balance on bank accounts in the UK, equity in house in the UK (i.e. value of house less remaining mortage) etc. Many Thanks
  2. Hi, Apologies, I know this may be a well discussed topic, but I wanted to be sure. I have been filing taxes for several years while living abroad in the UK. My foreign earned income has been less than that which I am required to be taxed on so have not owed anything. My 1040 will say something like... 7. Wages Tips Salary $XX,XXX 8a. Taxable interest $YYYY 21 Other Income - Foreign Inc 2555 -$XX,XXX 22 total income (as 7/21 cancel out this is just the value in 8a). $YYYY 37. Subtract line 36 from 22 this is your adjust gross income (again the same value $YYYY) My question is should I fill in that number from 37 (which matches point 22), my total adjusted gross income, even if it is very low on my i864 form, in line 24a/b/c on the 1864. This is the page that asks 'My total income (adjusted gross income on IRS form 1040EZ) as reported on my Federal income tax returns for the most recent three years was...' I have now been working in the US for the past few months, but obviously this income has yet to be reflected on any tax returns. Many Thanks.