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  1. rae24

    B2 Overstay / 212 D 3 Waiver

    Yeah It helped, But before I came to Canada, When i was still resident in the Philippines I already have a visa from UK, Australia and US of course, all are Multiple Entry. Thank you very much for all the info
  2. rae24

    B2 Overstay / 212 D 3 Waiver

    i was basing through experience, when i was still in my home country, I applied for US visa for the first time but it was denied, After that i was approved in Australia and UK visa (Both Multiple Entry) and re apply my US visa and I was Granted 10Yrs M. Means to say that you have capability to travel in the first world country aside from the US. It's like applying for a visa again the way the process go on the waiver. It's my fourth time in the US when the overstay happened which i can explain that not intentionally. No harm in trying. Thank you very much for the info THank you
  3. rae24

    B2 Overstay / 212 D 3 Waiver

    applied and of course like the usual supporting documents included. strong ties from your country of resident. Yes been there. i was given multiple entry. Im from Philippines.
  4. rae24

    B2 Overstay / 212 D 3 Waiver

    Thank you for the reply. I dont have family in the schengen, I just applied for a visa and got approved. 2 regular permanent jobs wtihe benefits not a contract.
  5. rae24

    B2 Overstay / 212 D 3 Waiver

    I am eligible to apply now for canadian citizenship. i just want to get ahead coz i see it takes time.
  6. rae24

    B2 Overstay / 212 D 3 Waiver

    Thank you for the reply. Yup, But i am settled here in Canada now with my wife, I can show that i have a strong ties here with 2 regular jobs and actually their both American companies plus i am a frequent traveller where i can show that i have visa in the other country like the Schengen.
  7. Hello Everyone, I've made a mistake 4 years ago for overstaying my B2 visa. I've made a choice due to family matters. Taking care of my grandmother. I'm on a 10years barred from entering coz it's more than a year. I departed voluntarily and no removal proceedings and I have no criminal record. I am a Canadian PR for 2 years now, I would like apply for a b2 visa again and the 212 d 3 waiver, I would like to get some info on the procedure of this. or any suggestions. I just want to travel again through border on a long weekend and or visit family there. Thank you very much