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  1. Same thing happened to my wife. Looks like many cases like this some people have been waiting for 400 days still nothing at least 6 months for Morocco minimum. This is crazy. My wife was asked to fill out the DS5535 form twice at the NVC 7 months before interview and after the interview. I don't know how the embassy is getting away with holding passport for more than 60 days. This is abuse of power
  2. Please ignore my last inquiry. I juts saw the answer from previous thread. Looks like the lady from Mekness did't get the DS-5xx form. Makes sense. It's inhuman to hold the passport for a long time.
  3. Do you know if the lady from Mekness who got her VISA a month after interview did submit the DS-5535? If that's the case there is hope. If not it sounds like we have to have extreme patient. I hope if she asks for her passport that it will not delay the process they can't prevent people from traveling while doing their investigation.
  4. okay sounds goo I will keep you posted. I am not sure why they asked for the passport if they planned on holding it for months. In that case we will ask them to return it so that she can travel to meet me in April in europe. Let's hope for the best!!
  5. The first time the NVC requested it. This time the consulate emailed her the form 1 or 2 days after the interview. Everytime they don't like something they request the Admin processing. It's like black waiting whole. I hope we hear something next week like your friend from Meknes
  6. I just asked her she was given the DS-5535 after the interview as well. It was before and after. You are correct
  7. We did go through the DS-5535 before the interview it took about 4 months. After the interview in CASABLANCA with embassy they put her under 221g. If I understand correctly the first one was during the NVC process. The DS-5535 can take up to 6 months. In our case she got approved by NVC and scheduled for the interview. She was given the 221g basically admin processing. They are just doing more investigation. It could take few weeks to months. from what I have read it should be resolved typically within 2 months We are being optimistic and hoping for a quick turn around. When you go for the interview there is a chance that they will request more time for processing. Everybody's situation is different. In my case they asked for the passport and the one doc that I mentioned when I opened this case. It has been now three - four weeks since she submitted the passport and the court doc that they requested. Wait and see....
  8. Thank you for the positive remark. They asked her to mail out the passport along the missing doc. I don't think they will hold the passport for more than 6 months? Let's hope sounds to me that there is hope soon. Cheers!!
  9. My wife had the interview in the Embassy of Casablanca on 01/09/19. She was issued an Administration Processing form that states that the case was refused under 221g. And was asked to send the passport along with A court Record document. We send all docs via the Aramex office on 1/20/2019. The case still shows Processing. It was updated on 02/09/2019 still shows processing We didn't get a confirmation of receipt of passport and documents..I am assuming they received them the next day. Any how we are just waiting and hoping for a quick turn around Anyone has seen similar situation?
  10. My wife had the interview in Casablanca on 01/09/2019. They issued her similar papers and requested a translated (Court record) along with the 221G form. Any one out here received similar request. How long is the AP takes in Casablanca. Thanks