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  1. Jasper1128

    Packet 3 Address question

    I was able to get an answer via an email to the Frankfurt consulate. The packet was mailed out the day they received 2/5 but it went to her old address so they are sending out a new one to her new address. It’s frustrating because we’ve lost about 10 days now and it’s even more frustrating that our lawyer was the one who told us not to worry the address would be updated in the ds-160.
  2. We got our K1-FTP from the NVC. Our case is now at the consulate in Frankfurt Germany. The letter was dated January 22nd and on the ceac site it says case created 1/14 and updated on 2/5 but we have yet to receive anything from consulate. We are thinking maybe it was sent to her old address which was listed on our I-129F. She did fill out her DS-160 on 1/26 and updated her address there. Also we have not paid any fees yet because the website says not to schedule until given the okay. The question is. Which address would they send the packet to ? Do they even look at the 160 without any fees being paid ?