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  1. This one after married or before married we have to submit .
  2. Greetings ...... Hello guys ... i just want to know after get US under K1 visa ... what are the next steps ?
  3. Hi guys hope all are doing well .. September 12 my interview and i receive 221g for affidavit support ... so i found cosponsor and i submitted document at US consulate security counter as per mention 221g September 25 .. and yesterday i send email that have u got my documents so they reply me they dint receive yet ... what this really meaning .. i already handover .. to US consulate
  4. I got a reply from us consulate that they said they dint receive any 221g document for my affidavit support . I already handed over at security counter what the f .. is going on
  5. Can i send a email .. that they have received my 221g documents or no .. ?
  6. You send via email or by hard copy at embassy ?
  7. Hi guys i want to know 221g responds timeline ... i had yellow slip 221g for cosponsor i just want to know approximate how long will take for responds from us consulate ? Thank you
  8. How long take for 221g respond from US Consulate approximately ?
  9. It can be a plus but not all country look this 2nd option like bank statement or asserts as a primary ...
  10. More than 8 person in one house hold.. 9th person add 5,525 .. US petition must have to make 37,712 or more annually .. include you so totally 5 ? Im right
  11. Fallow 125% HHS poverty guideline for your safe ... ..( dont fallow 100%) they issue me g221 wen i fallow 100% ... so go for 125% .. good luck bro
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