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  1. I got married when my daughter was 20 years old. My divorce doesn't have to do nothing with bringing my daughter to the US, I was just explaining how the law works in Chile when after a divorce you become a tutor under the law so that is the reason I am worried about leaving her here in my country.
  2. When I say that it is expensive to make her stay in my country it is just because It would be better to bring her with me and spend that money here. She is studying to get English-Spanish-japanese translator degree. Even when the law is like this in Chile ..it doesn´t mean we will file a lawsuit. It doesn't happend but if you want to make it work for any reason...you have to go through that process...My daughter is studying and working a part-time job because she wants to be independant from me but anyway I have to help her to pay her expenses according to the law, there are ways to have scholarships also, but it is not our situation. She knows and everybody knows that is she cant help working and studying to get a degree she can go to the court and make us help her.
  3. I thought you could provide better answers... Thank you anyway
  4. No, if can't make her go, I will stay in my country and make my husband to come to my country, it is easier.
  5. Are you trying to get a visa for her to temporarily study in the US or to immigrate to the US and live... Yes, you know that a program can last a couple of year ...during that time we can fix the way to make her stay.
  6. She can apply for a visa to study in the US. Why can she not just carry on her studies in your country? Because it is more expensive for me to leave her here paying everything if I had a second house. I mean housing, transpor, food, study program and so on... Chile
  7. Since I got my divorce, under the law, both, my ex husband and me are her tutor until she is 21 years old, but since she is studying the law obligue us to pay her an alimony until she finishes her program. If we don´t do it she will be able to lawsuit us and make her to pay her alimnoy from the time we stopped. If she stops studying during her program we have to lawsuit her and prove that she started doing her life so we can stop any kind of legal process.
  8. So, there is no way to bring her to the US? I can't abandom her in my country, she is studying still and according to our law she is my dependant until she is 28.
  9. Hi, I have a big concern about appliying for a student program for my daughter who is 21 years old so she couldn't be included in my I-130. We are thinking about to make her to take an undergraduate program but we are not sure if we can do it before our I-130 is approved. We have already sent the application form and we haven't received any response so far. ¿Could this issue be a probem for me if I sent her to the USA on a Student Visa before me? Thank you in advance