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  1. Thank you so much!! You are AMAZING. I receive my wages on Friday (for the 1st time ever in the US). I didn't make any money in the US in 2019. When do I file taxes? (I am so clueless about this kind of thing...) I also have a 2nd part time job. Both jobs are approx 20 hrs a week. Does this change anything?
  2. Stressed! I moved to US on a K1 fiance visa in Aug 2019. I expedited my EAD card, and recently started a new job. I am awaiting my green card interview. My wages (before tax) are $657 (bi weekly). Out of this $657, I've been taxed $184. The HR office where I work said that non resident aliens get taxed more? Please, please can someone tell me if this is correct.
  3. I hope you receive it soon! Thanks for the update :) I forgot to mention on my previous post that I visited my local Social Security Administration building on Wednesday (I think...) to see if I could get an update on the progress of my social security card. The officer informed me that it had been mailed to me on the previous Thursday. She was unable to give me any kind of receipt though - she said that she could only issue a receipt BEFORE it was sent. I'm confused why it's taking so long to arrive though! My EAD card was sent 1 day AFTER the social security card. How can it take over a week to receive something in the mail.
  4. I received the combo card yesterday too! Such a relief to hold it in my hands, lol. Hoping the SSN comes by the end of the week. Good luck to everyone who's faxing & waiting patiently
  5. Update: Jan 8: We ordered your new card for Receipt Number x Then it changed to 'we approved your form I-765' on the following day I believe... Jan 10: We mailed your new card for your Form I-765. --------------------- Jan 8: We approved your Form I-131, Application for Travel Document. !!! I guess this means the combo card is on its way Hopefully my SSN will follow shortly after.
  6. Hello! I filed under severe financial loss, and I included: - Cover letter - Job offer letter - Proof of husband's full-time student status (unofficial transcripts) Good luck!
  7. Thank you Nope, they refused to ever acknowledge they'd received the fax. Super frustrating! I spoke to several USCIS officers over the phone, but they wouldn't tell me anything. I didn't contact my Senator. I was thinking about doing so, but then I saw the case tracker had updated.
  8. I checked on the USCIS case tracker today... and it says that a new card is being produced! Still in shock that my EAD expedite request was approved. Good luck to everyone going through the process
  9. What the...! Sorry to hear how much they're messing around with you/your case. Perhaps try and call up again? Seems like they're screwing up everything lately.
  10. It's so bizarre that some cases are updated online and others aren't! Mine still hasn't been updated at all. I called up a couple of days ago, but it was about an hour or two before the phone line closed and the USCIS officer couldn't answer my questions (I guess she wasn't Tier 2?) and told me to call back in the morning. So I called back the following morning and spoke to a different officer, who again wasn't able to help me out at all. She told me she was going to put me through to someone that could help.... but it went to an automated message which told me the callback time was 673 minutes. What madness. I hung up, and called USCIS again, and explained the situation to yet another woman, who told me that she wasn't able to tell me if the documents I faxed had been received. I asked her if she could update the online case tracker to reflect the fact that I have an expedite case open, but she said she was unable to as she can't override another officer's case. It's absolutely insane. I understand it can take a while to read through the faxed documents and make a decision, but there is really no excuse to not even tell me if they received my fax! The waiting continues.
  11. Feeling frustrated - I'm sure many of you are too! On the 10th Dec, I received a job offer letter. The same day, I called USCIS and requested my EAD be expediting on the grounds of financial hardship (my husband is a full time student and his income falls below the poverty guideline). On the 17th, I received the request to fax evidence to USCIS. I did this on the same day - sending the notice, cover letter, job offer letter, proof of husband's student status, etc. I haven't received any email/text to confirm this evidence has been received.... I'm thinking of calling USCIS on Monday to see if they can check that the faxed stuff was received? And I've been checking the Case Status thing online (using my inital receipt number for the I-765 that I got months ago), but it still says "Case was updated to show fingerprints were taken". There hasn't been a single update on the Case Status thing... I have a Referral ID too - is there anywhere I can actually use this? Finding this whole process incredibly frustrating! And very grateful for any help. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Emily
  12. I received a job offer on December 10th, and called USCIS the same day to open an EAD expedite case. On Tuesday (17th), I received an email requesting that I fax evidence. On the same morning, I faxed several documents to support my case, including a cover letter. The fax didn't go through correctly the 1st time, but the 2nd time I was told all the pages went through fine. I still have no update online (nothing on either the 'case status tool' or on the 'USCIS My Account' thing) All it says is: Is this normal? It's been 9 days since the expedite case was open.... and there's no online updates at all? Should I call the USCIS Service Center? Thank you for any help in advance
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