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  1. We received our case number from the NVC yesterday after calling up. It had been assigned the previous day (11/06). We're eager to book the medical exam, but not sure if it's wise to do so without an email/letter with our case number on. I don't recall myself or my fiancé receiving any correspondence via email during the whole process. I'm afraid of booking the medical, and having to reschedule (and pay another fee) if we still haven't received an email/letter by then. Any advice is hugely appreciated.
  2. Thank you everyone for your help
  3. Thank you so much! Hugely appreciate your help :)
  4. Hi everyone, Got a question about the medical records for the K1 (London embassy). I asked the receptionist at my local GP surgery for a summary of my medical records and she printed me off the full report instead. Is this a problem - is it necessary to have a shorter "summary"? Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Hello! First post on VJ so please excuse any mistakes I make. I was hoping for a bit of advice on postponing entry to the US. My fiancé and I submitted the I129F in February and have an NOA1 date of 12 Feb. I've recently been considering doing a teacher training course in the UK and would like to move to the US next July/August (2020) instead of later this year. I realise how stupid this sounds, and how this is something I should have thought about before beginning this process. If there any way of postponing our application? I am really excited about moving the the US so I don't want to mess everything up! Thank you so much for any help in advance, Emily
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