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    Centurion, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
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    Getting to my husband!!!!!<br /><br />I love my family and spending time with them. <br />Shopping for clothes and shoes and make-up. <br />I love maintaining my fitness and being healthy is extreemly important to me.<br />I take a great interest in make-up and beauty.

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    K-3 Visa
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    Vermont Service Center
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    South Africa
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    Well my husband is a US Citizen, he is a marine and works all over.. He was situated in Pretoria for 2 years ending in 2006. That is when we met.
    I was working at a club selling shooters and he was there with clients/friends. My friend knows I go weak at the knees for a man with an accent and directed me to him. I went up to him and started chatting to him obviously he was just as handsome as his accent was. I thought I had fallen in love!!! He was such a sight! Anyway I took his number and called him about 2 days later. We started seeing eachother and I visited him often.

    He told me that he was being sent back to the US in July of 2006 and I was not about to let myself get hurt so I distanced myself from him. I did see him again before he left and then that was that.... Like a wonderful dream comming to an end.

    I then got hooked up on MySpace and we chatted a few times and then we lost touch for about 2 months. He contacted me in October and we discussed me going to visit him in the US. He booked my tickets and I flew out to see him in January 2007. Wow what a sight!!! America is amiazing!!!

    He took me to see his family. Everything was so amaizing. We decided that we were a perfect match and on impulse got married. There have been absolutely no regrets so I came back after my two week trip to America and we started on our paperwork.

    My hubby was doing a course away from home during Feb and March and could only officially start on the paperwork during hte end of March.

    Here we are now waiting to be reunited....

    I have sold my house here in Africa and am still working awaiting more feedback on our paperwork...

    Thank goodness I found this site as sjoe there is no one here in SA that has a clue on how to go about this process. This site has really helped calm some nerves!!!
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