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  1. I am from the US. My husband is from the UK. My husband was in the UK while I was in the US filing all the appropriate paperwork for his visa. I was pregnant during that time. He got an interview at the London Embassay 14 days before our son was born. He was deemed inadmissible at the interview. My son was then born in the US. My son and I now live in the UK but fly back and forth to the US to visit my family.
  2. It was a spousal visa. He never admitted to drug trafficking as the arresting officer put it was for personal use in his report. It was the visa interviewing officer at the Embassay that said he was a drug trafficker.
  3. It all comes down to what the interviewing officer decides to “label” you. We do have a highly experienced lawyer. One of the reasons we chose him was because he was able to to get a couple drug smuggling cases overturned. But no such luck with our case. As I’ve said, he’s already charged us a fortune the first time around and wants another 6k to do the tourist visa plus waiver. We don’t have that money right now. It would be worth it if I knew he’d get approved. I know we can apply for the tourist visa on our own but not sure about how to do the waiver.
  4. Thanks for the reply’s. Our lawyer suggested a tourist visa. We know we can’t adjust status, we just want him to be able to visit with my family and for us to show our 4 year old son, who was born in the US, his home country. My son and I have traveled a lot back and forth, from the UK, but I want my husband to be a part of our visits as well. He is inadmissible due to the interviewing officer marking himself a “drug trafficker” even though he was not jailed or convicted. He was growing a few marijuana plants for personal use about 8 years ago and received a UK caution.
  5. Hi there. My husband has been deemed inadmissible to the US. We paid a lawyer a lot of money to appeal and we were still denied. The lawyer said our only hope is for my husband to apply for a non-immigrant visa plus a waiver. He wants another $6000 to help with that. Has anyone applied for a non-immigrant visa plus a waiver after being denied an immigrant visa to the US and if so, did you do it on your own? Can you please advise on how to do it? Thank you.