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  1. Yes my husband picked it up yesterday morning
  2. Soo happy for you! And my husband is still waiting in Juarez thay say its taking about 3 days without counting sat or sun hopfully we get it tomarrow! Are you waiting for it in Juarez as well?
  3. They asked, who was i? Where did i work? If we had kids together? Where did his sponcer live? How we met? What were his plans once he was in the u.s? And that was basically it
  4. True! Well best luck to you tomarrow and no need to be worried... my hubby was in there for about 2 or 3 hours bur the interview is the shortest its mostly waiting or makint line
  5. Hello congrats on being approved! We had our interview yesterday 1 of april and were approved as well , have you recieved your packet yet?
  6. Soo happy for you!! Havnt recieved anything yet 😞 im going to call today to see whats going on
  7. Yes!! Looks we have been waiting forever 😏 wonder when they start sending appoinments out this month since it ends on the 28 🤔
  8. No not yet 😔 still waiting hopefully during this week... did you?
  9. Hi there 🙂 the wait time is about 9 months after your cc.. i have a cc of June 2017 and still havnt recieved appointment, hopefully by the end of this month🤞
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