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  1. Thank you! So glad I saw this. I think they are filling up fast. Only the 23rd and 30th are available for October as of now. I booked the 23rd.
  2. I tried to search this but I cannot seem to find a definitive answer. It seems the consensus that the medical is valid for 6 months so I can't see an issue if it's a month old. Not sure where the information comes that it has to be super close to the interview, but I can only guess because it cuts time off the POE portion of the visa considering it's validity is dated from the medical and not the interview. Someone can please correct me if I'm wrong, it's hard to find up to date information about this.
  3. It's really a shame they stopped the Vancouver consulate K1 interviews two years ago. Definitely seems like it would be helpful now. (and save my fiance a plane ticket to Montreal, lol)
  4. Ugh that sounds so frustrating! I hope you get it soon. On the bright side, at least you're not missing out on any interview dates. I have no idea when they will open them again. I've been checking since a week ago and nada.
  5. It can really vary honestly.... The time to my NOA2 was around ~2 months. If I'm lucky I will get an interview for my fiance earliest in September which will be around 4 months after my NOA2 (Near the expiry date...) I think consulate plays a big factor here as well.
  6. Sorry, I'm not sure as it says it was last updated on July 29th. I didn't really pay attention to it before then. x_x I hope you get yours soon!!
  7. Finally received my packet 3 this morning after sending in an inquiry a week ago. 😄 Going to try and get this sent today or tomorrow ASAP so I am one step closer to hopefully getting a September interview (because our NOA2 expires then as well lol)
  8. edit: nvm ignore me Getting flustered due to some road blocks! I still haven't received packet 3 after 2.5 weeks.
  9. My fiance lives in Vancouver and he'll be moving down here to Orlando, FL. 😄
  10. Ahhh, thanks so much for the quick reply! Any bumps in the road are always a bit nerve wracking, thanks for easing my worries. ^^
  11. I did what others in the thread did as well and inquired for a P3 through the Montreal embassy support e-mail but got this instead. I'm guessing it's because he's not a citizen but a permanent resident? Not sure if this is normal but will comply as normal, of course. Hopefully packet 3 will come after this. Thank you for your inquiry. According to our records, to continue processing this case, the applicant is requested to submit a scanned copy of proof of status in Canada by replying to this email address. Any further processing of this immigrant visa case has been suspended until we receive the requested document. Once the document is submitted, the file will be reviewed and the consular officer will provide further information on the status of the case.
  12. Hi! I printed out 4x6 photos and put them in a bag just like you mentioned in the first post and just wrote the dates and what we we were doing on the back of each photo in permanent marker. I secured the ziploc bag to a piece of blank printer paper with paper clips and just put it in the middle of my petition. Got approved with absolutely no issue.
  13. My fiance is having major issues with the site as well. He can only do a little bit at a time because he keeps getting errors and it's a crapshoot whether or not it's saving his information. He's tried on Firefox and Chrome. He is just doing a tiny bit at a time and saving after every little edit. We thought it was perhaps a temporary problem but it seems like many others are having it as well
  14. We're having a hard time too. The page formatting keeps messing up every time he moves onto a new section of the DS160. Not sure what the issue is and he's using Chrome. Very frustrating! This is kind of the formatting I'm talking about. When I access this URL (https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/) , sometimes it looks like this and I don't know why.
  15. After barely missing out on the last shipment, I can happily say my case is now in transit! 😁 I try not to fret too much, I'm happy things are moving and it has given me more time to confidently prepare. Thanks again Greenbaum for the DHL trick, will be sure to use that on Wednesday.
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